Thermaltake Riing 12 LED

Thermaltake Riing 12 LEDNot all fan blades are the same. Some are designed to maximize airflow in situations where there’s little resistance to air movement. We often classify fans with these types of blades as “high-airflow” models, and they can often be found near a case’s intake and exhaust vents. Other fan blades are engineered to push air through places where airflow is restricted, such as the dense fin arrays of a radiator or a crowded intake fan near a case’s drive bays. It’s these latter situations where Thermaltake’s Riing 12 LED fans shine. The 120mm fans feature Thermaltake’s CCB (Concentrated Compression Blade) design that focuses the weaker inner circle of airflow to the blades’ outer section. The outer fan blades pressurize and compress the air, generating high static pressure.

There’s a small ridge (which also serves as an integrated light ring) that runs around the interior of the frame. When combined with the pressure that the CCB design creates, the ridge further directs airflow toward the middle of the blades. Thermaltake indicates that the frame’s design also helps to prevent static pressure from leaking away. The Riing 12 LED is rated for a maximum air pressure of 2.01mm/H20, which is impressive considering the Riing’s comparatively low speed of 1,500rpm.Thermaltake has also developed the fan’s frame to produce optimal static pressure while minimizing noise. Fan noise is something that many power users must contend with, and Thermaltake does its best to make the Riing 12 LED fans as quiet as possible. To prevent vibration, there are in-mold injection rubber pads in the four corners of the frame. Thermaltake also uses a self-lubricating hydraulic bearing, cutting noise from the fan motor. At 1,500rpm, the Riing 12 LED noise output is a mere 24.6dBA. If that’s still too loud for you, a low-noise cable is included to let you slash noise by 24% (down to 18.7dBA). With the cable connected, the fan will spin at 1,000rpm.Low noise and high static pressure is a good start, but if you’re looking for a fan that will really spice up the look of your case, the Riing 12 LED is something you’ll want to check out. We tested the blue model, and the LED was certainly bright enough to illuminate hardware near the fan. The LED ring also gives off a much more distinct, uniform glow, similar to a glow bracelet. It’s a much bolder look than what you often see from fans with LEDs in the corners of the frame. Because the LED ring is part of the outer frame, it even illuminates things near the side of the fan.Thermaltake offers the Riing 12 LED fans with blue, green, red, or white LED rings, so you’ll be able to match them to lots of color schemes. Larger, 140mm Riing LED fans are also available in the same selection of colors. Whatever model(s) you choose, the uniform LED ring will certainly add some style to your case’s interior. The high static pressure design means that the Riing 12 LED fans are best utilized next to radiators and other airflow-restricted sections in your case. Excellence in both aesthetics and performance puts the Riing 12 LED on our short list, and it should be on yours, too. BY NATHAN LAKESpecs: Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm; Speed: 1,000rpm (using low-noise cable), 1,500rpm; Maximum airflow: Up to 40.6cfm; Maximum air pressure: 2.01mm/H20; Noise: 18.7dBA or 24.6dBA; LEDs: white, red, green, or blue: Power: 2.4W; Bearing type: Hydraulic

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