TOP 15 Speaker systems

Update - 2021.10.12
SVS PRIME TOWER 5.1.2 Review – 5.1.2 system ready for Prime time

SVS Prime 5.0 Home Theater System (1 Pair Tower Speakers, 1 Center Speaker, 1 Pair Satellite Speakers) – Black Ash Highly Recommended

Mark Craven enjoys the highs and lows of an SVS floorstander system offering serious value for money. Read our SVS …
FOCAL CHORA 5.1.2 Review – A Chora of approval

Focal Chora 5.1.2 Surround Sound Speaker Package with Built-In Dolby Atmos Modules and On-Wall Surround Speakers (Black) Recommended

Focal elevates its Chora range of home cinema speakers with built-in Atmos drivers. Steve Withers indulges in some …
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M&K SOUND LCR750 5.1 Review

M&K SOUND LCR750 5.1 Review Highly Recommended

Steve Withers reckons this more affordable M&K package sounds familiar. And that’s a good thing Pro sound, …
Q ACOUSTIC S3010i 5.1 PLUS Review

Q Acoustics 3090Ci Centre Speaker (Carbon Black) Highly Recommended

Q Acoustics has a brand new sub for its 3000i Series. Ed Selley shakes it down as part of a potent package. Read our …
Monitor Audio MASS 5.1 Review

Monitor Audio MASS Gen 2 Mist 5.1 Speaker Package White – Nearly New Recommended

Can a discreet 5.1 system deliver sonic goods without causing domestic strife? Steve Withers finds out. Read our …
ELIPSON PRESTIGE FACET 7.2.4 Review: Audio all around you

ELIPSON PRESTIGE FACET 7.2.4 Review: Audio all around you Highly Recommended

The fact you can get this towering system for just three-and-a-half grand makes it a bit of a bargainSteve …
M&K SOUND IW150 5.1 Review: Get in with the in-wall crowd

M&K SOUND IW150 5.1 Review: Get in with the in-wall crowd Highly Recommended

Steve Withers spends quality time with some high-performance cinema speakers. Read our M&K SOUND IW150 5.1 …
POLK RESERVE 5.0.2 Review – Polk’s plan to go global

Polk Audio – Polk Reserve Series R300 Compact Center Channel Speaker, New 1" Pinnacle Ring Tweeter & Dual 5.25" Turbine Cone Woofers – Black Recommended

Jamie Biesemans reckons this US-designed speaker system will find favour on this side of the Atlantic.Polk …