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Recommended 1 Fyne Audio Classic VIII Review 1.jpg

Fyne Audio Classic VIII Review: Classically trained

The latest speaker from Fyne Audio is an intriguing blend of old and new thinking. Ed Selley takes a listening your past to produce new products that induce a spot of nostalgia for the ‘good’ old days (your mileage may vary to ...
Recommended 2 Klipsch The Nines Review 1.jpg

Klipsch The Nines Review: Size Nines

When you have a winning formula, you can tweak it or make more of it. Ed Selley considers Klipsch's attempts at the latter. Read our Klipsch The Nines Review. DETAILS PRODUCTKlipsch The NinesORIGINUSA/ChinaTYPEPowered ...
Recommended 3 Sony XV800 Review: Box Full Of Boom

Sony XV800 Review: Box Full Of Boom

After reviewing the Sony XV900 and being pleasantly surprised, I was excited to explore the Sony XV800, which has seen some significant changes. Overall, I find the XV800 to be a compelling option for those seeking mellower bass from a box ...
Recommended 4 Q Acoustics 5040 review 4.png

Q Acoustics 5040 review

When a beloved brand offers the chance to explore its new speaker, the answer is a resounding yes. But what do you do when the new speaker is as impressive as one of their more expensive models, yet half the price? Read our Q Acoustics 5040 ...
Recommended 5 Paradigm XR 13 Review 1.jpg

Paradigm XR 13 Review: Sealed sub with ARC attack

Richard Stevenson runs the rule over a new Paradigm subwoofer with advanced room EQ built-in. Read our Paradigm XR 13 Review. The XR 13 is the larger of two new subwoofers from Canadian brand Paradigm, wilfully skipping standard 10in or 12in ...
Recommended 6 Aretai Contra 100S Review 1.jpg

Aretai Contra 100S Review: Better late than never

If you've never heard of Aretai, its brilliant standmount is sure to help you remember the name reckons David Vivian. Read our Aretai Contra 100S Review Clearly, this speaker is not just another inscrutable black box. A ...
Recommended 7 Wilson Audio Sasha V Review 1.jpg

Wilson Audio Sasha V Review: Simply superlative

With technology drawn from its flagship Chronosonic XVX, the Sasha V is the stunning new launch from Wilson hose of an historical bent Twill know that Wilson Audio’s Sasha V isn’t merely its fourth-generation Sasha. This two-box floorstander is a ...
Recommended 8 Sonos Era 100 Review 2.jpg

Sonos Era 100 Review: A Versatile Compact Speaker

Move over Sonos One—there's a new kid on the block and its time has come. The Era 100 is one of two new products from Sonos, the other being the larger, pricier Era 300. The Era 100 boasts an array of features that address many ...
Recommended 9 Klipsch The Sevens Review 1.jpg

Klipsch The Sevens Review

IF YOU’RE AN APPLE MUSIC SUBSCRIBER WHO IS KEEN to greedily stuff the highest-quality audio into your ears, then Klipsch’s new addition to its Heritage Wireless speaker series, The Sevens, are geared very much towards the premium audio market. ...
Recommended 10 REL HT-1205 MKII Review 1.jpg

REL HT/1205 MKII Review: Broadside of bass

REL has nicknamed the HT/1205 MKII - its new mid-range home theatre subwoofer - the 'Cannon'. Steve Withers loads, takes aim and fires. Read our REL HT-1205 MKII Review. 1. This mid-tier HT Series model gets a 12in CarbonGlas driver ...
Recommended 11 Focal Vestia No1 Review 1.jpg

Focal Vestia No1 Review: Car toons

The Vestia range arrives featuring design input from the company's automotive division. Ed Selley takes it for a spin. Read our Focal Vestia No1 Review. DETAILS PRODUCTFocal Vestia No1ORIGINFranceTYPE2-way standmount ...
Recommended 12 Sonos Era 300 Review 1.jpg

Sonos Era 300 Review: Make space

Sonos embraces Dolby Atmos and spatial audio for its new flagship smart speaker. Cliff Joseph finds himself surrounded. Read our Sonos Era 300 Review. The Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 are the company’s first brand-new smart speakers since 2017. ...