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RECOMMENDED 1 Mission ZX-3 Review – Mission impossible

Mission ZX-3 Review – Mission impossible

The ZX Series is Mission's eagerly awaited flagship range. Ed Selley gets to grips with its smallest floorstander. Read our Mission ZX-3 Review. Ever since Mission released its LX range of speakers a few years ago, the brand has been undergoing a ...
RECOMMENDED 2 Russell K Red 120 Review – Special K

Russell K Red 120 Review – Special K

Russell K's latest speaker might just offer the best balance of performance and practicality yet. David Vivian finds out. Read our Russell K Red 120 Review. DETAILS PRODUCT Russell K Red 120 ORIGIN UK/Poland TYPE 2.5-way ...
3 KLIPSCH R-51PM Review – Small but large

KLIPSCH R-51PM Review – Small but large

Small price but large sound from these Klipsch active ‘speakers has Noel Keywood listening. Read our KLIPSCH R-51PM Review. They may look like small loudspeakers but in fact the Klipsch Reference R-5IPMs are a complete hi-fi system, with ...
4 Totem Sky Tower Review

Totem Sky Tower Review

A contender with a reputation among rivals for pulling magical sonic rabbits from improbably small cabinets. Read our Totem Sky Tower Review. DETAILS PRODUCT Totem Sky Tower ORIGIN Canada TYPE 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker WEIGHT ...
RECOMMENDED 5 Spendor A4 Review

Spendor A4 Review

The brand name might reach back into the mists of time, but the sound is anything but old fashioned. Read our Spendor A4 Review. DETAILS PRODUCT Spendor A4 ORIGIN UK TYPE 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker WEIGHT 16kg DIMENSIONS ...
RECOMMENDED 6 Dynaudio evoke 30 review

Dynaudio evoke 30 review

Teaming a fashionable aesthetic with formidable sonics, the Evoke 30 crafts the perfect fusion of both. Read our Dynaudio evoke 30 review. DETAILS PRODUCT Dynaudio Evoke 30 ORIGIN Denmark TYPE 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker WEIGHT ...
7 Amphion Argon 3LS review

Amphion Argon 3LS review

With some clear ideas about what makes a floorstander sound believable, this Finnish design certainly steps up. Read our Amphion Argon 3LS review. DETAILS PRODUCT Amphion Argon3LS ORIGIN Finland TYPE 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker ...
BEST BUY 8 Q ACOUSTIC S3010i 5.1 PLUS Review

Q ACOUSTIC S3010i 5.1 PLUS Review

Q Acoustics has a brand new sub for its 3000i Series. Ed Selley shakes it down as part of a potent package. Read our Q ACOUSTIC S3010i 5.1 PLUS Review. Building on a new foundation Q Acoustics is getting impressive mileage out of its ...
9 KRIX MX-5 Review

KRIX MX-5 Review

Krix's modular front array brings the concepts used in real cinemas home, to go behind or below a home cinema screen. The results are formidable with movies, and surprisingly musical. Read our MODULAR SPEAKER SYSTEM - KRIX MX-5 Review. ...


With unusual looks, delightful finishes and some fine sonic performance, these high-quality standmounts from AudioSolutions are an inspiring introduction to this European brand. Read our AUDIO SOLUTIONS OVERTURE O202B Review. The Overture O202B ...
BEST BUY 11 Kef R5 Review

Kef R5 Review

Brit-fi bastion KEF brings huge experience, and yet the new R5 has been re-engineered from the ground up. Read our Kef R5 Review. DETAILS PRODUCT KEF R5 ORIGIN UK/China TYPE 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker WEIGHT 27.3kg DIMENSIONS ...
RECOMMENDED 12 Wharfedale Evo4.2 review – Breaking the mould

Wharfedale Evo4.2 review – Breaking the mould

Wharfedale's latest standmount evolves speaker design at the price. James Parker is intrigued by this eye-catching newcomer. Read our Wharfedale Evo4.2 review. DETAILS PRODUCT Wharfedale Evo4.2 ORIGIN UK/China TYPE 3-way standmount ...