Speedlink Jugger 2.1 Subwoofer System

Speedlink Jugger 2.1 Subwoofer SystemSound… you can’t play games effectively without it. Or watch movies or listen to music. But let’s stick to gaming for now, shall we? Finding the right audio solution can be tricky, because there are so many options out there. Do you want personal audio, or do you want sound to fill your world? How about stereo or surround sound?

If you’re after a great stereo solution that won’t sit directly on your ears, Speedlink have the Jugger 2.1 Subwoofer System for you. Aside from a slightly odd name, there really is very little to find fault with here.The Jugger system is comprised of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, just like any other similar system would be. The powerful, throaty subwoofer is designed to be placed beneath a desk or entertainment unit and doesn’t require much interaction from the user when it is in place, aside from adjusting the bass volume and the bass-treble balance. All other volume controls are handled via a wired remote that is far easier to get to.This remote also allows for the connection of headphones and a 3.5mm auxiliary audio device. From this device, controlling volume is easy, and its large knob makes adjustment easy, even at the smallest levels.The Jugger interfaces with devices via either 3.5mm jacks or RCA jacks. That means that direct connection to a device that is natively HDMI is a little problematic, and may need creative solutions. Still, if used with a TV, a direct stereo line-out should take care of any issues.Accompanying the sub-woofer is a pair of stylish, tilted satellite speakers that deliver, in combination with the subwoofer, rich, full-bodied audio. Their slight upwards tilt improves the direction of the audio, too, which results in even better sound.Both the satellite speakers and subwoofer make use of 102mm drivers, which are a great size for decent sound reproduction. The large housings of the speakers also enable louder volume, with a 30W RMS output that can peak at 70W for limited periods (because you don’t want to blow them up).The design of the satellites has an almost retro feel to it, and is complemented by large metal mesh grills that take up the entire front of each satellite – also lending the device a serious appearance. There are varied colours available, too, so your Jugger should fit your setup and style quite perfectly. The subwoofer also has a large metal mesh covering, bringing a level of consistency to the round satellites and the boxy sub.The Jugger might not offer full surround sound, but those that appreciate their audio in stereo will do well to investigate it as an option. Its easy controls, simple setup and great audio are worth looking in to.The Jugger produces loud, clear stereo audio from either your desktop or your TV.

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