Raidmax Atomic Mini ITX

Raidmax Atomic Mini ITXWhile we have seen a few smaller form factor motherboards in the past, it isn’t often that we get to look at a case that would house them and their associated components. There are several solutions around, of course, like the Raidmax Atomic. This particular mini ITX case is sleek and stylish, almost cube-like in design and perfect for those wanting a smaller housing for their PC system.

In terms of looks, the Atomic is relatively understated (when compared to some of the more garish “gaming” cases on the market) and serves as a discrete, good looking addition to any office or entertainment area. It is finished in brushed black metal, with shiny side and front panels that include a large window in the one side.A simple, single power switch is located above the front panel, and a single USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port, flanking audio outputs can be found at the front of the top panel.In terms of cooling, the Atomic keeps airflow constant by moving possible blockages to the peripheries of the case. A single 3.5 inch HDD fits into the top rear of the box, while two 2.5 inch SSDs (or one 3.5 inch HDD) can be fitted to the floor right below that. This places all drives in direct line of the 120mm rear mounted fan. That fan can also be switched out with a 120mm radiator, if you choose.The GPU is mounted across the width of the case, meaning that cool air from the fan blows in underneath it. The fan also blows air directly at the front-bottom mounted PSU. The motherboard is stashed away neatly at the side of the box, where it gets the full benefit of that big fan.But that’s the only cooling you’re going to have – this box only supports one 120mm cooling device. That shouldn’t be a problem, given the fact that 120mm in this small case is quite a big gap, but you’ll still want to keep your interior as uncluttered as possible to maintain good air flow.The Atomic sports two PCIe slots and can support graphics cards up to 265mm in length and a CPU cooler with a height of up to 165mm. That cooler will also fall directly into the path of the air rushing in via the fan, but you may want to consider implications on airflow if you use a larger cooler.In short, the Atomic is a sensible and stylish mini ITX case that will safely house any components, provided (as with all cases of this size) that you pay attention to interior clutter. It looks great and is solidly constructed, providing great protection to your beloved PC.If you want a smaller PC setup, this Raidmax box could just be the perfect housing for it.

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