Aoc i2757fm

Although AOC generally caters for the cheaper side of the monitor market, this mid-priced 27″ model sees the company up its game slightly, but there are a few questionable omissions.

To begin with, it’s a full HD 1080p IPS panel with a semi- borderless design, which fools you into thinking the screen is bigger than it actually is. The static contrast ratio is rated at 1000:1 with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1 and a brightness of 250 cd/ m2. The response time is 5ms, which is good enough for most uses and with viewing angles of 178° on both the horizontal and vertical, the ¡2757FM will produce a decent image no matter where you place it – within reason, of course.
Aoc i2757fm
Around the back you’ll find an easy-to-access VGA, headphone and speaker sockets and power, along with a couple of HDMI ports, one of which is MHL supported (a big selling point here for this monitor), but no DVI or DisplayPort input. It would have been better for AOC to drop one of the HDMI ports in favour of DVI; the HDMI could still have had the MHL support along with the charge-over- HDMI facility.

The AOC ¡2757 is a nice looking monitor, with it brushed aluminium design along the bottom of the screen, where the OSD buttons and internal speakers are housed. Around the frame you’ll find a very thin black plastic trim, which doesn’t detract from the image presented, and although it doesn’t allow the screen to fill the entire panel, it does offer a very borderless-like feel to it. However, the design is fairly standard looking, with a rectangular base slotted into place, which leaves a fairly large footprint but provides adequate stability.

Although it’s quite a simple design, it is effective in its approach. The ports are easy to get to, but they stick out of the back, which eliminates the ability to wall-mount the

A The MHL support is welcome, but it comes at the price of more connectivity monitor. Still, it’s quite nice to see a monitor manufacturer adopting this design, rather than trying too hard to hide everything away.
Aoc i2757fm
The picture quality is good enough for most users and applications, but there was nothing to make us say ‘wow’ or make it stand out from the IPS crowd, but also there’s nothing wrong with it either.

The MHL side of the monitor worked like a charm, and seeing the content of a phone on a 27″ display was pretty spectacular, but until that feature becomes more of a necessity, it’s something of a gimmick, to some extent. Additionally, the speakers are the ‘standard’ monitor affair and again the use of a set of external speakers does a far better job.
Aoc i2757fm
All in all, the AOC ¡2757FM is a good 27″ IPS monitor with MHL support but, to be honest, it’s a little too average for the price.
Aoc i2757fm

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