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weBoost Connect 3GHonestly, can any of you say that you get full 3G and cellular signals at your office or at home all the time? Depending on which mobile provider you use, different areas will have different level of reception. This is probably why weBoost now offers its Connect 3G to home and office users to boost cellular signals.

To use the weBoost Connect 3G, it is not simply just plug and play. There is installation involved and it is pretty much like installing Astro at home. There are three major parts to install: the outside antenna that receives the cellular signal, an indoor signal booster, and an indoor antenna that sends out that signal, all connected with a coaxial cable. The reason there is a need for a surveyor and technician on site is to make sure they catch the cellular signal from the outside to ensure it is boosted to the max on the inside.The initial setup took a while to arrange as the technicians would need a good few hours to properly install all three parts of the device. Installation time can take from two hours to much more depending on particular you are about hidden wires and placement of the booster. I suggest giving them a good half-day to install the entire thing; so don’t make plans after installation to ensure a job well done.How did my cellular signals fare after installation? I have to admit, my signals boosted to almost max! On most days, I get full bars, whereas sometimes I get one bar less. Pretty good I must say, especially since I only tend to get two to three bars at most before I installed the booster. Not only does my Maxis signal get boosted, friends subscribing to other telco lines also enjoyed the same boost.The initial price may put off many people although it does include installation and no subscription, which might put a dent in your wallet in a long run. If you feel you can’t live without cellular signal, or especially if your business relies on it, then you just need to bear with the initial pain of forking out the dough to get that boost you need.A pretty penny to get that sweet spot.DIMENSIONS: 165.1 x 222.3 x 41.3 mmFREQUENCY: Band 1 (1920/2170MHz), Band 3 (1710/1880MHz), Band 8 (880/960MHz)POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 8W

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