MSI Panocam

MSI PanocamKeeping an eye on the going-ons back home while at work or out is something I hold close to my heart. Even more so when there are horror stories of incidents happening while there is no one at home circulating around social media. With the emergence of IP cameras, keeping surveillance at home is now easy and fuss-free, even more so when there is audio support and a 360-degree coverage like what this camera offers.

When it comes to IP cameras, setting them up can be a real pain, especially if you are not well versed with tech jargons. I thought the Panocam was going to be like that as well, but to my surprise, it was really easy. All you need to do to pair your phone and the camera is to play a tune from the app next to the  camera, and they are paired! No setting up IPs and whatnots.One of the coolest features of the Panocam is its fish-eye lens. By fitting this lens in the camera, it can be used both horizontally and vertically, so it depends on where you find it most convenient to place the camera, although it works best when placed on the ceiling. The full 180-degree view allows you to view almost the whole room quite clearly, so much so you can actually see what your cats are destroying when you’re out. You can also rotate the camera remotely via the phone app. Although there wasn’t a zoom function, the image is so clear, I actually could pinch the screen to zoom in and see what is going on.Another interesting and useful feature is the ability to transmit your voice through the camera, so you can actually talk to whoever is within its range. This works great as a baby monitor, so you can sing or speak to soothe your baby from wherever you are. No kids? You can always scold your dogs if you catch them tearing something apart. This transmission works somewhat like a walkietalkie where you have to push a button to transmit your voice, reducing the need for fiddly controls and a thick manual.The MSI Panocam looks good, something along the lines of a fancy kitchen appliance. You can place it anywhere in your house, just don’t place it outdoors since it isn’t really weather proof. The price is little on the premium side though, making it very much like a lifestyle device that packs easy-to-use features that anyone can use.Premium price to get a good view.DIMENSIONS: 108.5mm(L) x60mm(W)x60mm(H)FIELD OF VIEW: 180-degree diagonalVIDEO: H.264 encoding 1600×1600 resolution at 10 frames/secSD RECORDING: Supports up to 32GB MicroSD

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