Norton Internet Security 2014

Trusted security suite with enhanced features.
Internet Security Suites are usually a bundle of utilities like Firewall, Parental Control, Antivirus and Online protection. They keep your system safe from hackers and malicious entities.

Norton Internet Security 2014

Norton Internet Security 2014 ticks all the above boxes and is available as a physical CD as well as an online version. We received the physical version, the package had an installer CD and serial key. Unlike previous versions, the year was not mentioned on the packaging.

The developer may have several reasons for this decision, not the least of which could be the fact that all Internet Security suites update and execute throughout the year, so mentioning the particular year is not necessary.

As soon as we loaded the CD, the installer prompted us to download the latest installer from the web. You may install from the CD itself by canceling the prompt, but we suggest you use the web option as it will have all the latest updates negating the need to manually update later. First time users need to create a Norton account, this is required to use Norton’s services including cloud storage.

The interface hasn’t changed much except for a few colours, but it is easier to use than earlier versions. The main window has links for other Norton products and services, like mobile security QR code, Norton Zone file sharing tool and Norton’s online management tool.

The antivirus detected and removed most malware that we inserted in the system before installing; Norton Power Eraser and Norton Bootable recovery tool took care of the rest.

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Norton has a high score in the latest tests conducted by AV-TEST, an independent body that tests all Anti Virus products using static and dynamic elements. And it performed well in our test as well, by detecting nearly all the threats inserted by us. In the malware blocking test, it detected most of the samples while downloading.

Tools like the Norton Identity Safe Password Manager are very powerful and practical. The Identity Safe Password tool can manage and sync all passwords Including web form entries for auto fill across devices.

Tools like Network Map, Parental control and Performance Checker are good for optimising the performance of your system.

Norton’s insight database has become more accurate over the years because it has a large number of virus signatures.

In a nutshell, the Norton Internet Security Suite 2014 does what it claims.

We found the utilities’ efficacy levels very high with little Impact on the system’s performance, achieving great — yet safe — system performance.

VERDICT: still a commendably efficient and capable package


7Review earns Amazon affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. You can support the site directly via Paypal donations ☕. Thank you!
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