XEOX Speedlink Pro Analog Gamepad USB

XEOX Speedlink Pro Analog Gamepad USBHaving a game pad is not something that only console gamers get to do – many PC gamers have found the advantages that gamepads offer to their playing. While they may not surpass the mouse and keyboard for some types of games, gamepads can be an invaluable companion in others. And so purchasing a gamepad, for the serious gamer or player who enjoys things like fighting and sports titles on PC, is almost a nobrainer.

Speedlink’s Xeox Pro Analog Gamepad is a nononsense option. With a great design and sensible control implementation, this gamepad is a great one for those who haven’t taken the plunge yet.The Xeox is compatible with both Xinput and DirectInput systems, so there really shouldn’t be any problem when it comes to using it with your favourite game. It is styled very similarly to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller, in terms of shape and button layout, so there is an instant familiarity for anyone who might have used a 360 style gamepad before.That means that the Xeox has two analog sticks, with the left one offset to a more comfortable position, as well as dual analog triggers and two shoulder buttons above them. It also features four face buttons and a D-pad. Set next to the D-pad is an easy-to-reach rapid fire switch, for those who want one. The Xeox connects to the PC via a fairly generous 1.9m cable that interfaces via a USB connector.The Xeox isn’t exactly like a 360 gamepad, though… it’s slightly more comfortable. The underside of each grip has slight ridges worked into it, which guide the users fingers into a more comfortable position. And the entire unit is coated in a matt rubber coat that not only repels moisture, but also adds a little grip. In addition, the entire unit is at a very comfortable weight. All of these elements combine to create a comfortable experience, even after extended play time.In terms of performance, the Xeox gets the job done really well. It is responsive and accurate, with a great resistance and centre-snap on the analog sticks. The triggers also provide a great level of pressure, but the face buttons feel a little stiff and require a fair amount of travel before responding. The D-pad is contoured for easy direction identification… it’s rocker-like-action feels a little weird initially, but one should get used to it fairly quickly. The Xeox also offers a great vibration feedback.On the whole, the Xeox Pro Analog Gamepad is a very good gamepad to consider. For those that don’t like the wired nature of it, there is a wireless version. But the cable, thanks to its length, is generally not too much of an issue.Those looking for a gamepad that offers excellent value for money have a good bet in the form of the Xeox.

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