B&O BeoVision Eclipse

B&O BeoVision Eclipse


Damn! That’s one gorgeous TV.

Agreed. In fact, Bang & Olufsen is marketing the new BeoVision Eclipse, designed with input from LG, as “the definitive TV”, thanks to its cutting-edge 4K HDR OLED screen tech and what B&O describes as “the world’s best TV sound”. That may seem like a bold claim, but this luxury telly is housing some rather impressive tech goods.

So it’s a TV and a sound system?

Precisely. The BeoVision Eclipse’s SoundCentre features a 450-watt, three-channel speaker system serving up a powerful stereo performance and speech-optimised audio. As you’ve already spotted, this opulent telly pulls double-duty as a wireless music system – connect up to eight speakers for a surround-sound solution that’ll make you drool – with onboard streaming support from Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast. You can also access integrated music services, such as Spotify Connect, Deezer and Tuneln.

What about the picture?

The TV uses LG’s latest OLED panel, wrapped in an anodised aluminium- covered speaker and boasting enhanced HDR performance and Dolby Vision.

It also uses cutting-edge pixel dimming- control tech to produce deep blacks and an expanded colour gamut. Navigating content is easy with the inclusion of LG’s webOS 3.5, providing access to streaming services including Netflix and Amazon Video, and the BeoVision One remote.

When is this TV coming out?

The BSO BeoVision Eclipse is available to buy this November in two sizes: 55 inches (,290) and 65 inches (,590).



Designed with the lofty aim of becoming the world’s best TV, the BeoVision Eclipse oozes style and premium sound and vision tech. If you have the cash, this 4K-HDR-OLED-TV-meets- wireless-music-system is a no-brainer


You have a variety of placement options for the BeoVision Eclipse: there’s a manual ‘floating’ wall bracket, moving up to 60° from wall, or a motorised wall bracket with BeoRemote One operation. There’s also a motorised floor stand, moving up to 90° either side

B&O describes its new TV as cutting-edge… and that could extend to how slim the screen is

The BeoVision Eclipse features an anodised aluminium-covered speaker and Dolby Vision

Vital stats


The number of speakers you can connect to the BeoVision Eclipse

Four inches

The three woofers, plus a one-inch tweeter and two 2.5-inch drivers


The surround sound module, with a range of sound modes


The angle the wall bracket moves from the wall

Top New Review Says…

Next-gen TV and audio tech, with B&Os air for details


The BeoVision Eclipse is enrobed with an anodised aluminium-covered speaker, which, when expanded to support a multi-channel surround sound system, acts as the centre channel.

The speaker itself is customisable with a range of clip-on fabric covers in colours such as Purple Heart,

Forged Iron Grey and Black


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