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Thorens have completed their first β€œbig” turntable. And it has become an excellent reference to the rich heritage of the company.Yes, it is true. I was ...


The team behind this new Scottish name has a wealth of experience and is determined to make it count. Read our Fyne Audio F301 Review.DETAILS...

DETAILSManufacturer. AMDRequirements: AM3+ motherboard, DDR3Β RAM, 500W minimumThe AMD FX-4350 is a slightly newer processor than the FX-6300. ...

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  6. thanks, I will try to increase it’s res.

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  10. Hi, They both look identical in terms of tonearm and motor etc. Only difference is actually less feature on Turn 5 but more expensive.

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    thanks for your information. The images are normal when I accessing this post. Could you tell me which browser and operation that you used ?
    Or may be the errors come from this website’s hosting provider. Can you please help me recheck ?

  14. Thanks for your feedback. I updated the response graphs. <3

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