Use Play store wishlists

Keep a handy list of apps
you want to test out

The wishlist feature has been present in the
Play store app for a while now, but gets
little recognition. This handy function
enables you to create a list of apps you want to
download, but aren’t ready to try just yet. Maybe
you’ve read about an app or game in Android
Magazineor are browsing on a 3G connection
and don’t want to download a large app until
you’re back connected to a Wi-Fi network.
You can easily add these apps to your wishlist
to ensure you don’t forget about them in future.
The system works equally well in other sections,
so you can create your own list of books you want
to read and albums you want to buy, and it works
in the desktop browser too. In this tutorial we’ll
give you an overview of using the wishlist, and
you’ll soon realise it’s an oft-overlooked feature
you will definitely want to start using more.

Use Play store  wishlists

Add An App

Head over to the Play store and browse for
apps or games. When you find one you like the
look of and would like to try, but don’t wish to
download straight away, you can add it to the My
wishlist feature by tapping the ribbon icon at the
top of the screen.

Use Play store  wishlists

View your list

To view the full contents of your wishlist,
tap the menu button or the ‘3 dots’ icon and
select My wishlist. In the updated Play store app
you’ll find it in the sidebar. You can now install
them as you normally would from a list, by hitting
the menu icon again and selecting Install.

Use Play store  wishlists

Remove an app

An app is removed in exactly the same
way as it is added. Simply tap the ribbon icon –
which no longer has the ‘+’ indicator inside it – and
it will be gone. There’s no way to add or remove
batches of apps, it can only be done on a
one-by-one basis.

Other media

The wishlist feature works equally well for
books, movies, magazines and music that you
want to queue for later consumption. All of the
content will be added to the same wishlist, so it is
all collected and displayed together in the screen
you’ll see back in step 2.

Manage on desktop

Log in to your Google account on the
desktop and head over to
In the left-hand column you’ll see an option called
My wishlist. Tapping this will show the list in its
entirety and you can install content remotely to
your phone or tablet.

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Adding and removing

Likewise you can add and remove content
from the list. Locate the app, book etc of your
choice and hit Add to wishlist. For items already
added, hovering over that button changes the
label to Remove. Click that to get rid of the content
from your wishlist.

7Review earns Amazon affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. You can support the site directly via Paypal donations ☕. Thank you!
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