THIEF Review

Stealing treasure, not lives

Square Enix
Eidos Montreal
Deus Ex: Human
Revolution [2011]
Tomb Raider [2013]
Deus Ex: The Fall [2013]
February 2014
Eidos Montreal is
listening. The industry
has gotten itself into a
rather sad state, where new
IPs unceremoniously drown in
a sea of sequels and half-arsed
reboots. For that very reason, it’s
hard to remove the cynicism glasses
when looking at the ‘reimagining’ of
Thief. It’s been a decade since we last
slipped into Garrett’s leather boots,
and the landscape of traditional stealth
games has changed significantly in that
time. You know what, scratch that, it’s
scarcely a genre worth giving a damn
about anymore. But Eidos is listening;
the studio has heard the community’s
collective disdain towards the state of
Metal Gear and Splinter Cell and has
vowed to make a change.


Thieftransports us back to a time
when stealth games were defined
by the challenges they presented.
It’s impossible to understate just
how quickly Thiefimposes itself on
everything you thought you knew about
stealth. Lingering in the light for too
long and attracting the attention of the
guards isn’t an invitation to brandish a
sword and rack up a sweet kill combo
– two opponents or more will almost
certainly send you hurtling back to the
nearest checkpoint.


Your quest can be boiled down to
locating a building, sneaking in, grabbing
the loot and getting the hell out of there
as quickly as you can. It’s an effective
way of ramping up tension in the most
unlikely of situations. To be honest,
you probably haven’t experienced true
digital fear until you’ve been interrupted
cracking a vault by impending footsteps
and attempted to hide in the nearest
closet, desperately hoping the house
steward doesn’t reach into the closet
to grab a raincoat, or more importantly
realise you’ve already swiped their family
jewels and raise the alarm. Either way,
they’re in for quite the shock, eventually.
Eidos is looking to deliver the stealth
game we’ve been waiting for, and with
the power of the Xbox One behind it,
not only will it look gorgeous but we are
finally in with a chance of being truly
challenged by adaptive enemies. It won’t
be for the easily startled, but those with
nerves of steel will relish the opportunity.

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