Sonus Faber Sonetto II Review

Listening to music should be pure enjoyment, and that means high sound quality should be matched with great design and premium materials. Sonus Faber’s Sonetto II exemplifies this balance perfectly.

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Sonus Faber Sonetto II Review front view both speakers

Italian design is known for its elegance, harmonious shapes, and exquisite materials. Brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Armani, Gucci, and Alessi embody a unique flair and a touch of luxury, blending quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. Sonus Faber, a speaker manufacturer from Northern Italy, deserves a place among these prestigious brands. Since 1983, Sonus Faber has impressed with its high-quality enclosures and excellent sound, delighting both the eyes and ears.

Tech Specs

ProductSonusfaber Sonetto II
Type2-way standmount loudspeaker
Weight6.8 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD)250 x 370 x 334 mm
Features1x 29mm high definition DAD tweeter, 1x 165mm natural fibre mid/bass driver, Quoted sensitivity: 87dB/1W/1m (4 ohm)
DistributorAbsolute Sounds Ltd.
Telephone020 89713909

With the Sonetto II bookshelf speaker, Sonus Faber offers a luxurious speaker at an accessible price. The Sonetto series incorporates exclusive technologies from top-tier series like Olympica, Homage, and Reference, without requiring a five-figure investment. The craftsmanship and material quality of the Sonetto models are comparable to their more expensive counterparts. The Sonetto series features real walnut veneer for the enclosures, and all models are also available in glossy black lacquer or matte white at the same price. The trapezoidal shape of the Sonetto II’s enclosure stabilizes it significantly, reducing internal standing waves while adding an elegant touch. The gently rounded edges of the Sonetto II make it a true work of art, with the walnut veneer seamlessly wrapping around the curves—a testament to true craftsmanship. All Sonetto speakers are predominantly handmade in Northern Italy and pass the strictest quality checks. The finishing touch of the Sonetto II is the genuine black leather top, which looks and feels fantastic.


Standing 37 centimeters tall, the Sonetto II is the largest bookshelf speaker in the series. It features a 2-way system with a 130 mm woofer/midrange driver and a 29 mm tweeter. The tweeter benefits from special damping, used in Sonus Faber’s higher-end series, while the woofer/midrange driver has a membrane made of a special aluminum alloy, delivering detailed, dynamic sound with substantial bass.

Sonus Faber Sonetto II Review front view both speakers


Our acoustic lab tests show the Sonetto II has an excellent frequency response, starting at 40 Hz, and perfect dispersion characteristics. The slight emphasis on high tones above 10 kHz adds a touch of brilliance and airiness. The Sonetto II also boasts extremely low distortion values and an exemplary decay spectrum, with no resonances above 1 kHz, ensuring perfect impulse response. In listening tests, the Sonus Faber Sonetto II proved to be a harmonious and lively speaker, revealing fine details and delivering a captivating, realistic soundstage. The bass, while naturally more modest due to the speaker’s size, reaches surprisingly deep and provides tight, precise low frequencies.

Key Features

  • Bi-Wiring Terminals: Solid connections on the elegant rear panel, shown here with walnut veneer.
  • Elegant Design: Pure elegance with high-quality materials, pictured here in white on a matching stand, available for around 225 euros.
  • Craftsmanship: Precision in every detail, with perfectly fitted driver cutouts and carefully selected veneers.

Test Information

  • Frequency Response: Highly balanced across a wide range, with exemplary dispersion.
  • Decay Spectrum: No significant resonances above 1 kHz, ensuring precise impulse response.
The lute-shaped cabinet and gun metal aluminium driver surrounds add a touch of design flair
The lute-shaped cabinet and gun metal aluminium driver surrounds add a touch of design flair


Sonus Faber Sonetto II Review

(1) 29mm soft dome DAD tweeter driver

(2) Bi-wireable binding posts

(3) 165mm natural fibre cone mid/bass driver

(4) Front-firing reflex port



PMC’s UK-designed and built twenty5-21 standmount is a close rival to the Sonus faber. There’s definitely a clash of cultures, as the PMC is far less fussy and ornate to look at – which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your taste.


The Sonus Faber Sonetto II combines exceptional build quality and luxurious materials with elegant design and impressive sound quality. This compact bookshelf speaker performs at the highest level, earning top marks in its class. The Sonus Faber Sonetto II is a prime example of music enjoyment for all the senses.

10 Total Score
Recommended Sonus Faber Sonetto II Review

Charming, stylish standmount with fine sound

  • Snappy rhythm, sweet tonality
  • sound staging
  • Nothing at the price
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