Kaspersky Internet Security 14 Review

A premium internet
security suite with some
welcome updates

Kaspersky Internet Security 14 or
2014 is a combined suite of security
software, including anti virus,
firewall, phishing protection, anti
spam, parental control and more.
The software can be purchased
online and is even available at
stores. We downloaded the package
from the Developer’s corporate
website. The 244MB installer file
takes around half an hour or less
through a stable internet connection.
The installation process was
simple. To avoid conflict, the installer
first checks if there is any other
security suite pre-installed. After
that, the installation was a matter of
a few clicks. The interface is almost
similar to the stand alone Anti Virus
version. The teal white combination
interface states the current physical
state of the computer in a large
black font. Below that, an array of
buttons represents different
features of the suite. The entire suite
operates through a single window,
so consumes less space.

Kaspersky Internet Security 14

Our test comprised several
activities including, some real world
notorious threats to the computer!
The first of them was anti malware
test where we popped in a DVD full
of latest malwares into the system.
We also installed a few of them in
our system even before installing
the suite. We found the suite very
effective as 87 percent were
detected at one go.
The next test was phishing where
we tried to visit some highly
fraudulent sites including some new
ones and yet again the suite stood
In our anti spamming test, we
found that KIS analyzes both IMAP
and POP3 incoming messages and
marks spam by scanning their
subject line. On the first run, it
detected several promotion-based
incoming mails as spams —
We tried breaching the firewall,
and after every attempt we got an
access denied message from the
suite! We also tried to use
penetration tools and most of the
time were blocked.
The parental control are much
simpler than earlier. By listing all
users, it allows you to block
particular sites and monitor your
child’s activities . The suite also
offers utilities like Privacy Cleaner,
Windows Troubleshooting,
Vulnerability Scan, to name a few.
In a nutshell, Kaspersky Internet
Security 14 is a simple to use
Internet Security Suite with decent
protection and most importantly,
consumes less system memory.
Available at an MRP of Rs 899 and
Rs 1,799 for one and three users
respectively, it is expected to be
available for much less, online.

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