Seagate Central Review

To cater to the fast-growing
demand for storage space and
realising that most users prefer
local storage than cloud, Seagate
has launched NAS — Network
Attached Storage. This simple
looking drive provides easy
sharing of data across devices and

Seagate Central

Resembling a DTH box, Seagate
Central consumes such little space
that it can actually be installed in a
media centre device. There is an
Ethernet and a lone USB2.0 port
along with the power connector on
the rear, and the device doesn’t
feature any switch except a
notification LED. Though it has
ample vents to cool it while
running, we would still suggest
placing it in a well-ventilated space.
Available in 2, 3 and 4TB
capacity, we
received the
4TB model for review.
We found the installation guide
very helpful. The device requires
configuration through a browser so
the installation needs a computer
to be connected tothe drive for the
first time. Once connected, we
were instructed step by step.
The main interface has five tabs
— Home, Users, Social, Service
and Settings. Using these, you can
create new users, their rights,
download images from facebook
or map the drive. Users can upload
or download data from anywhere
in the world using the Internet.
Our experience with Seagate
Central was fair. However, available
at Rs 17,700 for the 4TB version, it
does seem to be a bit costly.
Reducing the price by few
thousands can really make it an
great buy.

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