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DALI Spektor 6 Review

Sounding like something from an Ian Fleming novel, the Spektor 6 is the Danish company’s most affordable floorstander. Despite this, few of the company’s design flourishes seem to have been omitted on what sounds like a speaker that’s more expensive than its sticker price. Read our DALI Spektor 6 Review.

DALI Spektor 6 specs
ORIGIN Denmark/China
TYPE 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker
WEIGHT 13.8kg
DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 195 x 972 x 313mm
• 25mm woven fabric dome tweeter
• 2x 165mm wood fibre mid/ bass drivers
• Quoted sensitivity: 88.5dB/1W/1m (6ohm)
TELEPHONE 08456443537

It has a pair of 165mm mid/bass drivers and a 25 mm tweeter, the former using paper cones reinforced with wood fibre, said to minimise resonance. The tweeter is a woven fabric soft-dome design claimed to weigh half the average of its market rivals, at 0.056mg/mm2; this should bring faster transients and higher efficiency. The drivers are carefully matched so the crossover doesn’t need to be as complex as it would otherwise be, the maker explains.

A fairly easy-to-drive design with a quoted sensitivity of 88.5dB, DALI puts its nominal impedance at 6ohm, which is a little lower than some here. Frequency response is quoted at 43Hz –   26kHz (+/-3 dB). The bass reflex loaded cabinet is reasonably well made and finished, although not the sleekest looking here; a choice of three vinyl wrap finishes are offered –  black ash, walnut and white.

DALI Spektor 6 Sound quality

The Spektor 6 combines finesse with musicality – an almost perfect mix of talents at this price. Listening to Propaganda’s p:Machinery is fascinating as it unearths a whole extra layer of detail without losing any of the music’s rhythmic impetus. I enjoy hearing singer Claudia Brucken alternating between single and double-tracked vocals in different parts of the song, something that rivals struggle to do. I can also hear the drum machine hi-hat cymbal work much better and place it in the stereo soundstage more accurately. There is a shimmer to the keyboards; where they’ve previously sounded dry, they now have ringing harmonics.

The snare drum and rim shots on Manix’s Living In The Past sound tight and fast, while bass is taut and bouncy. There’s a really energetic drive to the mix, and when the sub-bass kicks in I can hear its every note stretching down seriously low. It is more tuneful than most rivals yet self contained, never bleeding over into the midband.

The DALI has an insatiable appetite for rhythm, which makes Vaughan Williams’ A London Symphony sound much more brooding and intense. At the same time, I really like its natural and agreeable tonality.

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It’s not totally blameless, however; there’s a slight upper-mid hardness on female vocals and low bass can set off the cabinet. Overall, though, the Spektor 6 proves a very nice surprise, setting a very high bar at its price.

DALI Spektor 6 Review


10 Total Score
Best buy DALI Spektor 6 Review

A seriously capable budget box

  • Musicality­ power
  • tonality
  • It’s no oil painting to look at
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Product NameDali - Spektor 6 (Walnut)
Woofer Size6.5"
Frequency Range43 - 26,000 Hz
Impedence6 ohms
Sensitivity88.5 dB
High Frequency Driver25 mm soft-dome

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