UpdateStar Premium Edition 10

System requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7/8;
internet connection
UpdateStar Premium Edition  will protect your PC from any  vulnerabilities caused by outdated  software. You’ll receive security  levels and alerts, minor- and major  upgrades, downloads, and you can  even export your individual software  profile for backup reasons.
UpdateStar Premium Edition 10
With UpdateStar Premium, you’ll  always have the most up-to-date  software, maximising your everyday  user experience. UpdateStar covers  all your freeware, shareware, demos  and commercial software, and  includes special offers. Old software  can lead to problems and system  crashes, and even leave you  vulnerable to attacks from outside.
UpdateStar puts a stop to all that.
As soon as a new version is  available, UpdateStar lets you know,  so you can immediately download it.
The Premium Edition delivers  20 times as many updates and  upgrades as the Freeware Edition.
So don’t miss out on all your  updates and save yourself the time  searching for available updates of  your personal software.
Key features • One-stop site for the latest  software updates • Works in addition to the Windows  Update Service • Reduces a computer’s vulnerability  level caused by outdated software • Personalised updates • Security levels and alerts for  optimal vulnerability protection • Minor and major upgrades –  complete update information • Exports of software setup  (for backups of your setup)
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