Top 5 Things You Can Never Find

Top 5 Things You Can Never FindWell, not when you want them, anyway…If you’re anything like us, you have several drawers full to bursting with chargers. You know what you should have done is label each one of them to identify what they’re supposed to connect to, but instead you just chucked them together with the very real intention of doing it later. The problem, of course, is that often ‘later’ doesn’t arrive until you actually need one of them, and then you spend hours trying each one in turn without success. What you will find, however, is loads of stuff you were looking for last week but couldn’t locate.One of the great things about USB when it came out was that it standardised things. Here you had this connection technology that would work with printers, cameras, mice and anything else for that matter. Sure, you could plug it in upside and break it, but at least it was universal. Now, though, there are just too many  variants of this technology, with mini-USB, micro-USB and more. And you can never seem to find the one you want. You can, of course, find plenty of the type you’re not after in a particular moment. Being more organised might be a good solution, but somehow we can’t see that happening.
Many things need these tiny flash cards these days, and they often come with adaptors to make them into full-size SD cards. Of course, the majority of the time, you don’t need these adapters, so you simply put them aside ‘somewhere safe’. Yet in spite of having a ton of these things lying around, they all manage to do a vanishing act the minute you actually want one. Our advice? Blu-tak them to your ceiling whenever you’re not using them.
Just like you probably have a drawer full of chargers and one full of leads, you no doubt also have a bunch of loose screws collected somewhere. Many of these will be unique within your collection, having been left over from something that you took apart and put back together. At the time, you couldn’t work out what the spare screw was for, so you put it away ‘just in case’. Then when you finally work out what it does and that actually it’s quite important… You guessed it: it’s gone. You have our permission to scream.
You Saw That Thing Seen something on a website that made you laugh or something that proves a point? Well, you better make sure you bookmark it or save it using something like the Pocket app, because you can pretty much guarantee that if you don’t, it will suddenly become more difficult to locate that Lord Lucan, most likely when you’ve promised to show it to someone. They’ll be left thinking you probably imagined it, and you’ll be left frantically Googling for it.

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