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PANASONIC TX-55FZ952B Review: OLED’s looking legendary

Breathtaking image quality is only part of the FZ952’s appeal, gushes a star-struck Steve May av info PRODUCT: 55in Ultra HD/HDR OLED TV POSITION: The FZ952 is Panasonic’s premium 2018 option PEERS: Sony KD-55AF8; Samsung 55Q9FN …
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With its superb colour fidelity and refined HDR, this Panasonic is an AV-Holic’s dream. Add a Technics soundbar and advanced Smart OS, and you get something special.
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PHILIPS 550LED803 Review: Philips plays with pixels

Mark Craven experiences Perfect Natural Reality via Philips’ super-powered 2018 OLED TV. Read our PHILIPS 550LED803 Review. The 803 OLED is the latest Philips OLED TV to hit the UK, following last year’s 9002. Available at both 55in …
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PHILIPS 550LED803 Review
The 55OLED803 makes improvements over its predecessor, delivering cinematic visuals, Ambilight immersion and solid sonics. Great price tag too.
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SONY KD-55A1 Review: Dressed to impress

The A1 OLED biends performance power with cutting-edge design. John Archer can’t get enough of it. Read our SONY KD-55A1 Review. Sony isn’t completely new to the OLED TV game; its first model came out way back in 2008. That particular …
SONY KD-55A1 Review
Sony’s debut bigscreen OLED is one of the most innovative, beautiful and outstanding TVs we’ve ever tested. But does its form factor suit your AV lifestyle?
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SONY KD-100ZD9 Review: ‘Look at the size of that thing!’

Vincent Teoh treats his peepers to the visual delights of Sony’s monster 100in 4K HDR TV. Read our SONY KD-100ZD9 Review. AV INFO PRODUCT: 100in full-array backlit 4K LED TV POSITION: Sony’s biggest and most premium screen PEERS: Samsung …
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SONY KD-100ZD9 Review
If you have the space in your cinema room and the money in your wallet, the Sony KD-100ZD9 is a reference screen that does 4K HDR justice.
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LG OLED65E8 Review: LG shines a light on 4K HDR

Powerful new processing boosts the picture quality of LG’s already impressive OLED TVs, says John Archer. Read our LG OLED65E8 Review. PRODUCT: 65in 4K HDR OLED TV with integrated Dolby Atmos audio In the middle of LG’s current TV …
LG OLED65E8 Review
Excellent new processing addresses many of the minor niggles of previous OLED TVs, and boosts HDR performance.
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SONY KD-65AF8 Review: Conservative and classy

With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, Sony’s 2018 OLED TV is taking the fight to LG, says Steve May. Read our SONY KD-65AF8 Review. AV INFO PRODUCT: 65in OLED TV with Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos decoding POSITION: Second-tier OLED screen, …
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SONY KD-65AF8 Review
This neatly designed, high-performance OLED TV is gorgeous to look at and doesn’t need a ‘bar to sound good. Now if only Sony would sort out its Game mode…
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SONY KD-55XF9005 Review: Sony plays a peaky blinder

Sony’s first 2018 screen barely puts a mid-range foot wrong, enthuses Steve May. Read our SONY KD-55XF9005 Review. It’s all about the backlight. You can have the smartest image processor in the showroom, but if your backlight isn’t up to snuff then …
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SONY KD-55XF9005 Review
First-class image processing, dynamic HDR and a smooth direct LED backlight make this mid-range 4K LED TV a must-see. Android OS doesn’t impress, though.
Recommended 44 Sharp AQUOS UA440X 4K UHD TV Review: Sharp Like A Blade

Sharp AQUOS UA440X 4K UHD TV Review: Sharp Like A Blade

Built-in Speakers The UA440X also comes with double-firing speakers located at the back of the TV on both sides, giving you clearer sound without any distortion. Easy Navigation The remote of the UA440X comes with a dedicated button for …
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Sharp AQUOS UA440X 4K UHD TV Review
“Affordable with above-average picture quality, the Sharp AQUOS UA440X 4K UHD TV is worth investing in if you’re looking to start out slow in the home entertainment department. ” – Wi-Liam
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Samsung QA65Q8C QLED 4K TV Review: Be Gone Cable Clutter

Samsung fits all your cables into a single optical cable connect to its One Connect Box, removing the need for cable management and giving your TV a much cleaner and neater outlook, which is perfect for watching shows on amazon.. You’ll Need Deep …
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