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SAMSUNG QE65Q90R Review: Bridging the tech divide?

  PRODUCT: A high-end 65in 4K TV using QLED technology POSITION: Flagship 4K TV in Samsung’s 2019 range PEERS: LG OLED65C8; Sony KD-65ZF9, Philips 65OLED+903 Samsung’s new screen does things LCD TVs aren’t supposed to do, says …
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This high-spec TV sets out to improve on previous QLED generations and succeeds – viewing angle, upscaling and black level all get a boost. An excellent 4K HDR performer.
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Samsung QE75Q900R Review: One for the future

Is 8K really worth getting excited about? After checking out Samsung’s latest 75in 8K TV, John Archer thinks it probably is AV INFO 75in 8K LCD TV using Samsung’s QLED technology The very top of the current QLED range Peers: …
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Samsung QE75Q900R Review
In addition to being ready for 8K when it eventually arrives, the QE75Q900R presents 4K content with sharpness, dynamism and lush colour. An eye-opening TV.
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Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV Review

SAMSUNG’S 8K TV OFFERS A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF TV SPLENDOUR. CRITICAL SPECS 4 x HDMI 2.0, 3x USB, RF tuner; 1905.2(w) x 1094.2(h) x 36.3(d) mm; 85in display; HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ WITH MOST PEOPLE – ‘cough’ content providers – only just …
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Hisense 55A6200 Review

Hisense 55A6200 Not a massively bright HDR experience, but this direct-lit LCD puts up a good show HISENSE’S 55A6200 ISN’T much of a looker. It’s plasticky black screen frame and chunky rear make it look like a throw back to 2007. At least its …
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SONY KD-55AF9 Review: Sony adds style to OLED TV

The AF9 has been hailed (admittedly by Sony) as a landmark TV – as significant a development as the legendary Trinitron. Steve May isn’t inclined to argue Unveiled with much hullabaloo earlier this year, the Sony AF9 …
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SONY KD-55AF9 Review
Sony’s Master Series OLED hero is a tour de force in UHD TV design, boasting awesome images, outstanding sound and a great new Android smart platform.
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LG OLED55B8 Review: OLED for all!

LG has released a 4K HDR OLED TV for the masses – John Archer discovers if a less-powerful processor leads to a less impressive picture performance AV Info 55in 4K HDR OLED TV LG’s entry-level OLED TV for 2018 Peers: LG …
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LG OLED55B8 Review
Although not as good as LG’s step-up range, the B8 remains a fantastic way for more people to embrace the joys of 4K OLED.
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PHILIPS 43PUS6753 Review: Philips’ budget TV barnstormer

This low-cost 6 Series 4K screen is feature-stacked. Even the smart platform impresses, enthuses Steve May As well as clashing bezels with rivals in the high-end OLED TV arena, Philips is fast developing a stranglehold on the budget 4K TV …
PHILIPS 43PUS6753 Review
When it comes to sheer value, nothing beats this 4K HDR high-street hero, with Ambilight the LED icing on the cake. You can go bigger for the same money, but not better.
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LG OLED65C8 Review: Complex LG hero

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support are backed up by smart control and improved image processing on this large screen OLED. Steve May gets to work AV INFO PRODUCT: 65in 4K HDR OLED TV with Dolby Vision POSITION: Entry-level Alpha 9 processor …
LG OLED65C8 Review
This 65-incher can be a tad baffling to use, but it’s a dazzling picture performer with a comprehensive smart platform.
Recommended 33 SAMSUNG QE65Q8DN Review

SAMSUNG QE65Q8DN Review: A quantum of solace

Samsung’s Q8 QLED TV is another stunning performer – but John Archer wishes it was a bit Less expensive PRODUCT: 65in LCD TV with direct lighting, local dimming and QLED Quantum Dots Position: Below the flagship Q9FN in …
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Samsung’s step-down QLED model is an emphatically good LCD TV, although the performance gap between it and the Q9FN is bigger than the current price suggests.
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SAMSUNG QE65Q9FN Review: QLED TV fights back

Revised QLED technology and the implementation of a local dimming backlight reap astonishing picture quality rewards with this bright, colourful 4K HDR hero. Great usability and smart platform, too.
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Unprecedented colour and brightness combine with the LED world’s best backlight controls to deliver the finest HDR pictures seen to date.
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PANASONIC TX-65FZ802 Review: Hollywood comes home

Panasonic’s connections with the filmmaking world have yielded stunning results, reckons John Archer. Read our PANASONIC TX-65FZ802 Review. We’re used to hearing TV brands state that their aim is to deliver images that look as close as possible …
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While there are punchier OLED performers out there, the 65FZ802’s finesse and accuracy makes it a real home cinema dream machine.
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PHILIPS 65OLED903 Review: Raising the bar for TV sound

Philips’ latest OLED flatscreen impresses John Archer with its B&W soundbar – as well as its 4K visuals. Read our PHILIPS 65OLED903 Review. Philips’ 65OLED903 sees the brand teaming up with UK sound experts Bowers & Wilkins. The idea is …
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PHILIPS 65OLED903 Review
Top-class processing unlocks every last drop of OLED’s current potential, ensuring that HDR 4K sources have never looked punchier or crisper on an OLED screen.