Prestigio Multipad Visconte 3 Review

Prestigio Multipad Visconte 3

The Multipad Visconte 3G from Prestigio is a typical representative of the new entry-level range: compact and not very light, but functionally not inferior to more expensive Windows tablets.

Even at first glance, the Prestigio Multipad Visconte 3G makes a better impression: the housing is not only more stable, but it is also very attractive with its dual-color back made of bright aluminum at the bottom and the patterned plastic in the upper third. The center features the logo of the Cyprian manufacturer which operates worldwide in 85 countries and has been carving out a spot in the German market with strong sales since 2014. The Smart Home, Android and Windows products are sold not only in IT specialist shops, but also in stores such as Amazon.

Prestigio falls short in the weight comparison: the Visconte 3G weights 675 grams, while the Ionik TW Series 1 10.1 is 102 grams lighter at 573 grams. With out the keyboard cover, of course, which adds 345 grams. Prestigio does not include one of these, but provides nearly the same product for 49 euros, but currently with an English layout.The corresponding dock connector is identical to that from Ionik; accordingly, its keyboard can connect to Prestigio‘s Multipad. There are also similarities in the electrical feed, which also works only with the supplied power supply. In addition to two USB ports – in standard and micro format – and a micro HDMI port, Visconte 3G also transmits via radio in the UMTS network. The cover over the micro SIM slot protects an optional micro SD card, which may be up to 64 gigabytes in the Prestigio. The internal memory has the usual volume of 32 gigabytes in the test device. 17.4 of them unused.That is more than enough for the installation of Office 365 Personal, which Prestigio includes as a one-year subscription in cooperation with Microsoft. Instead of the required 1, 2 gigabytes of RAM are available here. In addition, the license authorizes not only installation on the tablet, but also use on another PC or Mac. After a year, the monthly subscription can be extended for seven euros a months or for another year at a reduced price of 69 euros.

If you use Microsoft‘s One Drive cloud storage, your data will auto matically be synced between your tablet and PC. In conjunction with the optional cover or a Bluetooth keyboard, the Prestigio Multipad Visconte 3G can certainly be used productively. Music and videos also come across well thanks to the speakers distributed effectively in the horizontal layout. They are also on the back, but with the Multipad, they have a good sound for their size. The somewhat weak battery lasts a good six hours and 45 minutes with the same mixed use, making it two hours behind the Ionik tablet.

At 249 euros, the Prestigio Multipad Visconte 3G alone is more expensive than the Ionik bundle of tablet and keyboard cover. However, it has more to offer technically with twice as much memory, a UMTS modem and the second, full-size USB port and also shows better results in the display measurements. The final verdict is satisfactory, and the price-performance ratio is right. If you‘re thinking of purchasing one, you should first pick one up so as not to be surprised by the heavy weight after purchase.

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