PMC Prodigy 1 review: Fire starter

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PMC’s most affordable home speaker is a condensed version of everything it feels is important. Ed Selley rather likes it. Read our PMC Prodigy 1 review. DETAILS PRODUCT PMC prodigy1 ORIGIN UK TYPE 2-way standmount loudspeaker WEIGHT 4.5kg each DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 165 x320 x237mm FEATURES DISTRIBUTOR PMC Speakers WEBSITE You hardly need reminding that … Read more

Fyne Audio Classic VIII Review: Classically trained

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The latest speaker from Fyne Audio is an intriguing blend of old and new thinking. Ed Selley takes a listening your past to produce new products that induce a spot of nostalgia for the ‘good’ old days (your mileage may vary to quite how good they were) is a big deal at the moment and, at first glance, the Vintage Classic … Read more

Klipsch The Nines Review: Size Nines

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When you have a winning formula, you can tweak it or make more of it. Ed Selley considers Klipsch’s attempts at the latter. Read our Klipsch The Nines Review. DETAILS PRODUCT Klipsch The Nines ORIGIN USA/China TYPE Powered loudspeaker WEIGHT Primary: 12.88kg Secondary: 12.25kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 241×486 x340mm FEATURES 25mm titanium Tractrix horn tweeter; 203mm long-throw mid/bass … Read more

Buchardt A10 Review

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Today’s Show is a review of the Bookart A10, their 10th-anniversary speaker. I must admit that working on this review led to some significant changes in my perspective. I believed I had a good understanding of the Bookart sound, having reviewed several of their speakers last year. Notably, the Bookart S400 Mark I left a … Read more

Sony XV800 Review: Box Full Of Boom

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After reviewing the Sony XV900 and being pleasantly surprised, I was excited to explore the Sony XV800, which has seen some significant changes. Overall, I find the XV800 to be a compelling option for those seeking mellower bass from a box speaker. However, I still have some reservations about it. Read our Sony XV800 Review. … Read more

Sony STR-AN1000 review

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One of the most popular home theater receivers we’ve ever featured on this channel is Sony’s STR-DN1080. Despite its 2017 release, the DN1080 was a go-to choice for budget-conscious home theater enthusiasts, including myself. Now, with Sony’s latest receiver, the STR-AM1000, we’re curious to see if it lives up to the DN1080’s reputation. Let’s read … Read more

Sony HT-A3000 Review

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This is the Sony HT-A3000, which belongs to Sony’s mid-range fully self-contained Dolby Atmos soundbars. Like other Sony soundbars, the HT-A3000 boasts impressive bass on its own. However, it’s worth noting that this soundbar is quite large. While it may not be my personal favorite, it’s a solid choice for those seeking a bass-heavy option … Read more

Q Acoustics 5040 review

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When a beloved brand offers the chance to explore its new speaker, the answer is a resounding yes. But what do you do when the new speaker is as impressive as one of their more expensive models, yet half the price? Read our Q Acoustics 5040 review. Q Acoustics presents its latest two-way tower speaker, … Read more

Buchardt P300 Review: The BIG sounding small speaker

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The Buchardt P300 is a bookshelf speaker. It’s positioned as a step below their premium offerings. Whether it’s overpriced or not is up for discussion. Let’s explore the details together as we delve into the Buchardt P300. Read our Buchardt P300 Review. The Buou P300 is a $300 premium compared to speakers like the ELAC … Read more

XGIMI HORIZON ULTRA Review: Cute cube PJ with big ideas

Xgimi Horizon Ultra Review

Don’t be fooled by its quirky looks – XGIMI’s new projector has some serious skills, reckons John Archer. Read our XGIMI HORIZON ULTRA Review. XGIMI HAS CARVED OUT a niche over the last four years on the back of terrific projectors. The Horizon series is the brand’s home cinema line, with the standard model offering 1080p … Read more

Epson EH-TW9400 Review

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Epson’s upper midrange home cinema PJ, above TW7400. Read our Epson EH-TW9400 Review. 1. The large, albeit curved, cabinet marks the EH-TW9400 down as a dedicated home cinema projector TIME ON TEST: Three years REVIEWER: Martin Dew AV Info Product: HDR/4K-capable Position: LCD projector Peers: Epson EH-TW7400; BenQ W5700 Website: WHEN EPSON ANNOUNCED the availability of the … Read more