Logitech Z600 speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are a rage now, the market is flooded with a variety of speakers in different sizes and prices. Most of them are tiny, with small drivers, resulting in compromised sound quality.
Taking a different approach, Logitech has introduced a set of desktop speakers which are Bluetooth enabled. The unique feature of these isthe ability to pair with eight devices, and simultaneously be used by three of them. Apart from bluetooth, the speakers can also be connected directly through a 3.5mm jack. The speakers are platform agnostic, they can work across platforms like Windows, iOS, Android or any other Linux or A2DP variants.

Logitech Z600 speaker

The speakers look aesthetic, with an elegant white-grey combination. The speaker grille is covered with gray fabric and a white plastic strip runs up the length. They can be a good fit with Macs, laptops or any desktop. The units connect through a lay-flat cable through a small junction box. The right unit has the necessary buttons like Bluetooth, power and the 3.5mm connector.
It also houses a touch sensitive volume control on the top. Coming to the performance, we listened to many tracks from different genres, using different devices like an iPod, Android phones and even a desktop PC. The speakers delivered crisp and clear sound throughout our testing session. We even watched a movie at mid volume and the sound quality was excellent. However, we did notice that the bass gets soft at times. We assume this is intentional, to avoid sound distortion, this is the only drawback we found on this set. Z600 is an excellent set of speakers offering seamless transition between multiple devices at a time. It is good enough for any living space. It retailed online at approximately 8,500 INR at the time of review.

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