Intel SSD 730 Series

No-Compromise Storage Has Arrived.
High-speed random reads and writes. High-speed sequential reads and writes. Compressible data. Incompressible data. TRIM and garbage collection. Long-term endurance and dependability. A fast, capable controller. Cutting-edge NAND flash memory. Solid firmware and a useful software toolkit.There are many factors to consider when deciding on SSDs for your PC, and up to now the process has largely come down to picking one or two areas that were most important to you and settling on the rest.
But what if you didn’t have to settle? What if there were an SSD built from the ground up to excel at, well, everything?

Intel SSD 730 Series

Intel has been leading the charge to innovate in semiconductor technologies or more than four decades, and provides world-class solutions both to consumers and corporate customers.
The company’s latest SSD family, the 730 Series, is the culmination of all Intel has learned about solidstate storage. These drives combine enthusiast-grade performance with the endurance and dependability that has
traditionally been reserved for data center storage products.
Intel SSD 730 Series
In other words, it’s the best of both worlds, and what that means to you is freedom from compromise.

Extreme Performance 

The 730 Series solid-state drives are the fastest consumer drives yet from Intel, combining Intel’s own thirdgeneration controller, 20-nanometer Intel NAND flash memory, and firmware that is optimized for performance. 730 Series drives are more than just the sum of their parts, though, as Intel factory-overclocks the 730’s components before they find their way to you, bumping up the controller’s speed by an additional 50% and adding 20% to the NAND bus speed.
This results in low 50μs read latency and measurable performance up to 550MBps in sequential reads, with
random reads reaching 89,000 IOPS. Combining two or more 730 Series drives in a RAID 0 configuration provides even more impressive results, thanks to Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology. Connecting two 240GB 730 Series drives in RAID 0 to a Q87-, H87-, Z87-, or X79-based motherboard provide the same storage as a single 480GB drive, but almost twice as much throughput in sequential read and write operations. Adding additional drives pushes the 730 Series’ performance to even greater heights.

Data Center DNA

The only thing better than blazing-fast performance is blazing-fast performance that you can count on every minute of every day, 24/7/365. That’s why Intel tapped its internal data center firmware team to build advanced algorithms into the 730 Series drives’ firmware that give them the endurance to handle up to 70GB of writes per day for five years—more than three times the typical 20GB writes per day for SSDs over the same period of time. That’s performance you can rely on, whether you’re working with compressible or incompressible data.
Intel SSD 730 Series
Whether you’re looking for a solidstate drive for a general-use PC, a high-end gaming rig, or a workstation
for creating digital content, the Intel SSD 730 Series’ combination of performance and dependability makes it the obvious choice for those who are no longer willing to compromise.
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