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Michael sits back to listen to his music delivered by an Edifier speaker system

The Prisma Encore is a 2.1 speaker system from Edifier. As you would expect, it consists of a subwoofer and a pair of satellite speakers. Not surprisingly, as this is an Edifier speaker system, the appearance of the subwoofer and satellite speakers show a degree of imagination. In the case of the Prisma Encore subwoofer, Edifier has come up with a design based on a battle helmet as used many centuries ago. In complete contrast, the satellite speakers are modelled on a triangular tower such as Cleopatra’s Needle.

Several other items are included in the box with the main elements. You get a twopiece mains power lead with an appropriate three-pin plug. There are further leads for connecting to single or double socket audio devices. Providing remote control is a curved unit powered by a supplied CR2025 lithium button battery. A user manual and small cleaning cloth complete the package. All the various audio plugs that come with this speaker system are gold plated for better performance.

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Capable of delivering an output of 40W from its downfacing 5″ driver, the subwoofer has a lacquered black front plate, which partially explains the presence of the cleaning cloth with this kit. All the various connection points on the subwoofer are tucked away out of sight at the rear of the unit. There are connections for the left and right satellite speakers, aux device and mains power.

The two satellite speakers, with their permanently attached leads, combine a materialcovered front face with lacquered black side plates that can be brought back into pristine condition with the small cleaning cloth. Each speaker makes use of a 3″ mid-range driver and 0.75″ silk-dome tweeters. Both the satellite speakers and the subwoofer feature decorative metal feet positioned at their base.

Setting up this speaker system is just a matter of linking the subwoofer to a power source and attaching the satellite speaker units. Depending on your needs, you can pair the Edifier kit to a Bluetooth source, such as a tablet or smartphone or use the aux option for connecting to an MP3 player or computer. In fact, there’s nothing to stop you having both types of connection, but only one will be active at a time. Pairing with Bluetooth devices was quick and trouble-free, with a light on top of the subwoofer glowing blue to indicate input was from Bluetooth. This light changes colour to green when the audio is received from a non-Bluetooth source.

As mentioned earlier, a remote control unit forms part of this kit. This curved device allows you to turn the power on/off, activate Bluetooth pairing plus adjust the volume level among other options. Performing similar tasks are various touch sensitive buttons positioned at the top of the subwoofer. I feel that many users will opt for the greater convenience of the remote option when controlling this speaker system, although you do need to ensure you have line of sight with the subwoofer for the signal to get through. Michael Fereday

A stylish speaker system with reasonable output quality


• Power Output: RMS 12W x 2 + 40W

• Signal To Noise Ratio: >85dBA

• Frequency Response: 65Hz~20KHz (+/-6dB)

• Input Type: Bluetooth / aux

• Input Sensitivity: R/L:500mV+50mV

• Bass Unit: 5 inch

• Mid-range Unit: 3″ (78mm)

• Treble Unit: 0.75″ silk dome

7Review earns Amazon affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. You can support the site directly via Paypal donations ☕. Thank you!
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