AVer VC520 Conference Camera Review

Capture Everything and Everyone

AVer VC520 Conference Camera Review

Are you tired of having to use web-based programs and applications to hold your teleconferences? Sick of asking your colleagues to crowd around a small webcam where their heads end up being cut off from the screen? Fret not as Aver has introduced the VC520 Conference Camera, your one-stop professional camera for video collaboration solution.


The VC520 camera is capable of accommodating both web- and cloud-based conferencing applications like Skype and Google Hangouts. It was made for meetings rooms of all sizes; it doesn’t matter if there is two or even 20 people in your conference room, everyone will be heard and seen extremely clearly without any audio or video disruptions.

It doesn’t even matter if you are running on a Windows or Apple computer as the VC520 is fitted to suit all computers. Even Android, Windows and Apple smart devices like tablets are capable of accommodating the camera. The design of the camera, sadly, isn’t that much to look at as it provides a more functional approach rather than eye-catching. Although lightweight and portable, the design of the camera still lacks that striking effect that allows it stand out in a crowd.


With an optical zoom of up to 12 times, the VC520 camera is capable of fitting even the biggest of meetings room into a crystal clear screen with the ability to zoom all the way to the back in unprecedented clarity. It also comes with a pan-tilt-zoom feature, which will provide even greater flexibility to the camera. Want to zoom in on a particular speaker, pan the camera to the right or even tilt it a bit to the left? All that can be done with extreme ease.

If you’re worried about your meetings rooms containing poor lighting, which can affect your video call, worry not as the VC520 will still be able to capture you and your colleagues extremely clearly thanks to its Full HD 1080p lens. Having tested it in a dimly-fit room, I could still see myself and my colleagues extremely clearly without any motion blurriness.


A top-quality camera with a mediocre camera is like fitting a Ferrari with a Proton engine – pointless and useless. The same, however, can’t be said for the VC520 as it comes with a 10W speakerphone that is also equipped with three-way embedded directional microphones.The speakerphone also comes with a daisy-chain feature, allowing you to connect more than one speakerphone together. This helps especially during big board meetings where there are plenty of people | in the room. However, the audio quality in the headphones will not be affected as every participant’s voice will be balanced, smooth and steady.


DIMENSIONS (HXWXD): 180 x 144 x 184 mm
WEIGHT: 1.5kg
AUTO-FOCUS: Multi-element, multi-coating
auto-focus optics
PROCESSOR: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2

AVer VC520 Conference Camera Review Verdict

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