Why won’t my SD cards work in Windows XP?

QI recently purchased two 8GB SD cards. Both work on my Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptops, but neither is accepted by my Windows XP machines. They also crash my Pure Digital DMX-60 radio whenever I try to record to these particular cards. What is going on? John F.
AWe think the issue is the micro SD card readers in your older devices – the XP machines and the Pure Digital DMX-60 radio.

Why won’t my SD cards work in Windows XP?

Although all SD cards look the same, various technical differences exist.
Specifically, the first generation of SD cards had a maximum capacity of 2GB, while a later revision to the standard upped this to 32GB – these are known as SDHC cards. The very latest specification – SDXC – allows for SD cards able to store up to 2TB of data. Now back to your problem. We think that your XP computers – and certainly your DMX-60 radio – are fitted with SD card readers that are only able to read original SD cards – those up to 2GB in size. With Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed, Windows XP itself is able to read SDHC cards, so, if you want to use your new SDHC cards on your Windows XP computers, you’ll need to invest in a compatible SDHC card reader.

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