Water 3.0 Pro

Water 3.0 Pro
We used one of Thermaltake’s Water  3.0 closed-loop CPU coolers in a  previous build (the Clark Kent, another  Haswell-based rig), so we were confident  going in that the Water 3.0 Pro could  provide the cooling performance  necessary to effectively overclock the PAX  Predator. As it turns out, our confidence  was well-placed, as we easily pushed  our Core i7-4770K to 4.4GHz without  creating any undue heat.

This closed-loop CPU cooler comes  with a 120mm radiator and two PWM  fans that operate at speeds ranging  from 1,000 to 2,000rpm, automatically  adjusting their speed based on the CPU’s  temperature and load. That means you get  the performance you need when you need  it and quiet operation when you don’t,  without any micromanaging on your part.
The Water 3.0 Pro’s included Thermaltake  fans feature double curve blades that are  designed to deliver high air pressure at low  noise levels; they are rated for a maximum  airflow of 99cfm (at 2,000rpm) and a noise  level of only 20dBA.
The Water 3.0 Pro’s aluminum radiator is 49mm (1.93 inches) thick.
This comparatively deep unit provides  a large cooling surface to dissipate  heat from the coolant. The Water 3.0  Pro is built with a reliable heatsink/ pump unit that boasts a full copper  plate for optimal heat conduction. The  pump itself is capable of operating at  2,900rpm, thus effectively moving the  coolant and continuously cooling our  Intel Core i7-4770K.
The Water 3.0 Pro can handle more  than just Haswell processors. It works with a wide variety of Intel and AMD  sockets, including Intel LGA 2011/ 1366/1155/1156/1150 and AMD FM1/ FM2/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 sockets.
Installation is easy, too. Just attach the  Intel or AMD mounting bracket onto  the heatsink/pump unit and lock it in  place with the retention ring. Next,  insert the appropriate screws into the  mounting bracket. Finally, find the  Intel or AMD backplate and screw the  mounting bracket to the backplate.
We installed the radiator into the  120mm rear exhaust in our case. The  radiator is sandwiched between the two fans, providing an optimal pushpull configuration.
Its easy setup makes the Water 3.0 Pro  a joy to install, and its support for a wide  variety of CPU sockets means we could use  it with just about any modern processor. Best  of all, its deep radiator and quiet, effective  brace of fans get the job done with no mess  or fuss. CPU heat will not be a problem for  the PAX Predator.
Materials: Copper (waterblock), aluminum (radiator); Fans: 2 120mm fans (1,000-2000rpm);
Pump speed: 2900rpm; Pump power: 12V; Warranty: 3 years

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