Recommended 1 Sovereign s-agile review 1.jpg

Sovereign s/agile review: True ruler

Nick Tate reckons that this high-end turntable and tonearm combination is a truly majestic performer ark Baker is by profession a naval architect - which isn’t the most obvious  qualification for a turntable designer, until you begin to think about ...
Recommended 2 Vertere MG-1 MkII Magic Groove Review 1.jpg

Vertere MG-1 MkII Magic Groove Review: Groove is in the heart

Neville Roberts dips into Vertere's range of four turntables to see just how magical the MG-1 Mkll Magic Groove really is. Read our Vertere MG-1 MkII Magic Groove Review. Spanning a price range from just over £ for the entry-level DG-1 ...
Recommended 3 Dohmann Helix Two Mk3 Review 1.jpg

Dohmann Helix Two Mk3 Review: Vinylista’s Valhalla

From the man behind the iconic Continuum turntable comes this next-generation range, under his own brand, incorporating a ‘negative-stiffness mechanism' suspension... Read our Dohmann Helix Two Mk3 Review. DETAILS PRODUCTDohmann ...
Recommended 4 Kestrel Audio KT-200 Review 1.jpg

Kestrel Audio KT-200 Review: Flying high

Nick Tate starts to feel his age as he takes the sleek new KT-200 turntable from young pup Kestrel Audio for a spin. Read our Kestrel Audio KT-200 Review. DETAILS PRODUCTKestrel Audio KT-200ORIGINUKTYPEBelt-drive ...
Recommended 5 ELAC Miracord 80 Turntable Review 1.jpg

ELAC Miracord 80 Turntable Review: Wooden wonder

Better known for its speakers, ELAC's range of electronics now has a new flagship turntable. Ed Selley takes it for a spin. Read our ELAC Miracord 80 Turntable Review. Though ELAC is most fondly associated with its JET tweeter system, it ...
6 Pro-Ject Debut PRO S Review 1.jpg

Pro-Ject Debut PRO S Review

Launching new turntable models as regular as clockwork is part-and-parcel of Pro-Ject’s business model, but say what you will: its approach of incrementally improving and tweaking proven designs has certainly not done the Austria-based manufacturer ...
7 Clearaudio Reference Jubilee Review 1.jpg

Clearaudio Reference Jubilee Review

Bunting must surely be in short supply. Along with the Royal Jubilee, we had SME officially celebrating its 60th birthday while Nagra rolled out the cake for its 70th – and now Clearaudio has released a product to celebrate its ‘40 years of ...
8 Lenco LBT-188WA Review 1.jpg

Lenco LBT-188WA Review – Lenco Blue

A Bluetooth turntable from Lenco. Noel Keywood checks out their budget LBT-188WA. Read our Lenco LBT-188WA Review. The market for budget turntables is vast its seems, from the myriad of types sold on the ‘net, notably from ...
9 Audio Technica AT-LP30W Review – Go Vinyl

Audio Technica AT-LP30W Review – Go Vinyl

An easy way to go vinyl is with Audio Technica's AT-LP30W, Noel Keywood thinks. Read our Audio Technica AT-LP30W Review. Always nice to review an Audio Technica (Japan) turntable or cartridge, since they’re ...
Recommended 10 Vertere SG-1/SG-1 PTA HB Review 1.jpg

Vertere SG-1/SG-1 PTA HB Review – Groove’s in the heart

Based on Vertere's flagship RG-1 Reference Groove turntable, there's a host of innovation in the brand's new SG-1 Super Groove. Read our Vertere SG-1/SG-1 PTA HB Review. Anyone who has followed Vertere’s founder Touraj Moghaddam, all the ...
Recommended 11 Roksan Attessa Turntable Review

Roksan Attessa Turntable Review

Since Roksan was acquired by Monitor Audio in 2016, things have been quiet for the brand. However, the arrival of the Attessa range changes all of that. Roksan has never been particularly prolific in this area, but the Xerxes and Radius have fine ...
12 PRO-JECT X8 TURNTABLE Review – Extra x

PRO-JECT X8 TURNTABLE Review – Extra x

A turntable ready for balanced connection. Noel Keywood looks at the Pro-Ject X8. With this turntable Pro-Ject X8 talk up the fact that it comes with True Balanced Connections, for lower noise and increased dynamics. So I looked for an XLR ...