Syrp Genie Mini review

John Huxley checks out  an essential gadget for  time-lapse sequences

At a glance
●Panning motion-control system
●Compact and easy to use
●Maximum speed 360° in 33 seconds

THERE are numerous devices that will rotate your camera when shooting time-lapse sequences, but you can forget about everything else – you only need the Syrp Genie Mini.

The Genie Mini is a motorised rotating base with a tripod mount to attach a camera.

Adding a remote-release cable between the two allows the Genie Mini to fire the camera’s shutter. The real magic is in the way it connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The Syrp app for Android and iOS allows full control of the time-lapse operation. You can tell the Genie Mini how many degrees you wish it to rotate and over what length of time, how many images you wish to take, or the length of time you want your finished time-lapse to be. If using long-exposure shots, you’ll be pleased to know the Genie Mini pauses for each photo to be taken to prevent blurring. You can perform a quick trial run to make sure the angle of your start and finish points is correct, and once you have programmed the Genie Mini you can close the app and use your phone for other tasks.


It isn’t just for time-lapses, either. It can also be used for creating smooth, sweeping video footage or stitched panoramic images. All the images are saved on your memory card as usual, and you’ll still have to use software to create your time-lapse sequence or stitch your panorama together.


It may not be cheap, but in terms of quality,  ease of use and functionality, the Syrp Genie  Mini is a superb bit of kit. With a maximum  load rating of 4kg, it’ll happily work with most  cameras. If you shoot time-lapse footage, it’s  a must-have, while the stitched panorama and  video features are a nice added bonus.

The Syrp Genie Mini is part of Syrp’s range of Genie  products. At the top of the range is the Syrp Genie. As  you would expect, the Genie is a more advanced motion  controller for your camera. It has a built-in programmable  motor that pulls on a built-in cord to propel the Genie for  panning time-lapse sequences. The Genie is so easy to  operate that it can be used with existing video sliders and  rails, and you can even make your own DIY kit to work  with it. However, for best results it should be paired with  the Syrp Magic Carpet – a set of rails designed to work  perfectly with the Syrp Genie. Visit for more information.
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