Rayman Origins

Rayman goes back to
basics to provide a real lightning-fast skill test in this beautiful platformer.

Rayman Origins

Minimum requirements

1.5GHz processor
OS X 10.8.5
4GB RAM with 256MB VRAM
3GB free space
We used
13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
2.6GHz Intel Core i5 . 8GB RAM
Available from
Platforming games seem to have come full
circle in the last 25 years or so.
From the basic run-and-jump of Mario and
Sonic back in the early 90s, things slowly became more and more complex with
power- ups and special powers. Recently though, things seem to be going back to
their simpler roots to really test players’ skill, and that’s exactly the case
with Rayman Origins.
The game starts you off with only one power
– jumping. As you progress you’ll gain more abilities, from an attack that is
used to take out the enemies around the level and jump higher, to skills that
allow you to fly for short periods or run up walls. These additional powers are
delivered at the start of each new level, giving a good sense of progression
and ensuring there’s always something new to try.
The levels themselves look absolutely
stunning. Each appears completely hand-drawn and the
cartoon style is bright and pretty, making
for some truly fantastic set pieces. Often we found ourselves stopping in an otherwise
frantic level to simply look around at the game world and enjoy the scenery.
While the majority of these levels involve
running from left to right, collecting the all-important Lums (the equivalent
of coins or rings in the Rayman universe), there is some variety in the form of
shooting levels and boss fights that offer unique challenges.

Rayman Origins
The difficulty ramps up as you play, too;
everything starts out simple, with easily-completed levels and weak enemies,
but as you unlock more levels, and try to beat time challenges or capture the
runaway treasure chests, the game becomes a lightning-fast test of reflexes,
memory and gaming skill. At points, levels seem absolutely unbeatable,
requiring almost superhero-like reactions, and making the same mistake
time and again can be incredibly
frustrating. The simple controls help somewhat, but we do recommend a dedicated
controller -we sometimes found ourselves missing an attack because our finger
had moved during a particularly difficult series of jumps. It’s only a minor
complaint, but one to consider.
We have to admit that the ‘left- to-right’
levels can start to become a little repetitive after a while, but with so much
to unlock and some great level design this is a title well worthy of your
attention – especially at this bargain price.

Rayman Origins
Buy now?
Pros A beautiful game with excellent
physics that really tests skill Cons Slightly repetitive, and controls can be a
little frustrating 
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