Raidmax Cobra 240 All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler

Raidmax Cobra 240 All-in-One Liquid CPU CoolerThings certainly have changed since the first time I reviewed a water cooling system. Back then, it was a case of carefully putting it together, checking every system, filling the external coolant reservoir, turning on the PC and praying just a little that I didn’t miss a leak or connection. These days, though, thanks to devices like the Raidmax Cobra 240, using a liquid cooling system in your PC couldn’t be simpler or safer. And when it comes to cooling high performance systems, there are few ideas that work better than liquid cooling.The Cobra 240 ships as a sealed, prefilled unit. That means everything is connected securely, and the coolant is already in the system, waiting to carry that horrible heat away from your CPU. It also means that installing the system can be a little fiddly, because you need to stay aware of where all the pipes and components are, lest you do any damage while trying to do some good. With that said, it really comes down to bolting the radiator and its two fans to the chassis, and then fitting the cooling block over your CPU and plugging in the power connector. It really is that simple, and thanks to the closed, preassembled design, you don’t need to worry that you have managed to get everything plugged in and sorted out correctly. And best of all, the sealed system means that the Cobra 240 is maintenance-free.
The specially designed fan blades and large radiator (which will need two fan bays at the top of your chassis) efficiently carry heat directly away from your CPU (be in Intel or AMD) and blast it right out of the case. The radiator has scores of copper heat fins to aid the cooling process, while the water block that contacts with the CPU has a copper base, all of which improve heat transportation and dissipation.
And it’s beautifully quite, too, thanks to the ceramic bearing system that the two large cooling fans use.
It even looks great, with blue fan blades complementing the transparent blue water block, while the other parts (including the leak proof pipes) are finished in a tasteful matt black.
Best of all it that the water block is a fraction of the size of even a standard CPU cooling fan, which means that there is very little in this system to disrupt the overall air-flow within your case. And while the radiator may pick up a little heat from other components, thanks to air being pushed through it from inside the case, this does little to affect the overall cooling performance of the Cobra 240 system.
If you’re after hassle free extreme CPU cooling, this is a great product to consider.A great, hassle free solution for those who want cooling on the more extreme side of things..

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