Plantronics Backbeat GO 605 Bluetooth Headset: Commuter Buddy

Plantronics Backbeat GO 605 Bluetooth Headset

  • Nice and comfortable materials
  • Easy markings for ear-can orientation
  • Return of Something Great


Plantronics and I have a relationship that go way back when the first Bluetooth wireless headset dropped by for a quick review run. It left me pretty impressed and asking if there is more. Alas, the others that did come after are not as outstanding or prefer the in-ear design. Personally, over-ear cans are the way to go. It seems Plantronics must’ve heard about my lamentations as it sent over its all-new Plantronics Backbeat GO 605 Bluetooth Headset.

Smooth User Fit

While not as premium as the first-ever Plantronics review entry from years ago. I must admit – these are comfortable to wear for long hours. This more than makes up for the slightly gaudy headband design as the exquisite materials make sure the fit is tight yet snug. I like how the ear-muffs do not overheat after long usage too. Also, there is the surprising choice of going wired in case the battery runs out.

Just Moderate Delivery

For something that feels good. I had hoped the Plantronics Backbeat 605 Bluetooth Headset can deliver on the sound stage as well. It did – to a point. While mids and highs are good, the bass fell flat a little. It’s not a big deal for those who need to put on headset for their long commute. For those that want good audio quality, then this will check some tick boxes. Still, it plays nice with pop.


“Good for commuters but just decent for audiophiles.” – Led Wayline

8.2 Total Score
Recommended Plantronics Backbeat GO 605 Bluetooth Headset

“Good for commuters but just decent for audiophiles." - Led Wayline

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Design: Closed Over-Ears with Passive Noise Cancellation

Wired: 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

WIRELESS: Bluetooth 4.1 with HFP 1.6, HSP 1.2, A2DP v1.2. AVRCP v1.4

LISTENING TIME: Up to 18-hours

STANDBY TIME: Up to 20 Days

SPEAKER DRIVERS: 40mm with Bass Tube Design

Features: Single Wide-Band Mic, Multi-Point Connection (Max 2)


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