Maxone CX-X8 A80 Review

Maxone CX-X8 A80

The Maxone CX-X8 is quite an interesting product, even though the brand is not as well known on the US and European market. This actually proves that high-quality products don’t necessarily have to be related to a renowned brand and also, that you don’t have to break the bank for a high-end Smart TV. With the Maxone CX-X8 TV box with Android you will be able to transform any TV monitor that has an HDMI port into a Smart TV that offers fast access to internet and great entertainment possibilities.

With a great hardware configuration and several possibilities to connect the device to the internet, this TV Box can be compared in terms of performance and capabilities with the RKM MK80 Plus especially when you take into consideration the fact that both devices implement an Allwinner A80 chipset. The Allwinner A80 is one of the fastest chipsets that can be integrated into this type of devices and knowing that, you can definitely appreciate the quality such a device will bring in your home.

The selling price situates this TV Box among the best devices in its category and it can be a bit of a stretch for a tight budget. From store to store, you will find the Maxone CX-X8.

The package contains the standard items that a user will need to plug the box in the TV and instantly transform their entertainment experience. So, the package comes with one infrared remote control (not the best choice, honestly), 1 SATA cable (just like the RKM MK80 Plus), the HDMI cable used to make the connection with the TV, the power adapter, and finally the actual TV Box and the user manual.

As we already mentioned, the items contained in the package are pretty basic. If you want to enjoy the complete Android experience, a keyboard and a mouse will definitely be needed.

The design for the TV Box is somewhere in between standard and new, featuring a rectangular shape with rounded corners. The red and white writing on the top surface refresh the design a little bit and the fact that this TV Box doesn’t have an exterior antenna brings a breath of fresh air over the old TV Box design.

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The material seem to be high quality and the box is amazing as the producers use a black cardboard that feels and looks fantastic. The fact that they invested so much attention in the box details and packing the product correctly makes the Maxone CX-X8 a fantastic gift. This attention to details when it comes to the box design can only be seen in the Original Xiaomi Mi Box Mini FHD Media Player which we all can say it, it is gorgeous.

This cute, small TV Box packs some pretty serious gear under that slick and modern design. With an Octa Core ARM Cortex-A15/A7 processor that can run at 2.0GHz and a 64-Core PowerVR G6230 GPU, the Maxone CX-X8 is equipped with the power and speed of a Mini-PC. It also comes with 2GB DDR3 RAM of memory and 16GB of storage space that can be dedicated entirely to the OS and important apps. The fact that users can plug a hard drive using the SATA cable, offers unlimited storage space for music, movies, and photos.

The device has all the basic ports necessary for connecting USB devices and transferring data between it and a computer. Also, it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, and Ethernet.

This great configuration allows the device to support 4K output and H.265 video decoding.

The device runs Android 4.4 with unlimited access to Google Play and apps. The initial interface comes with a few pre-installed apps, but the Android itself is quite clean. The support for media center is included, but everything can be changed as the Maxone CX-X8 is both a TV Box and a mini-PC.

One great advantage this TV Box presents is the possibility to connect your phone or tablet to a big screen via the Maxone CX-X8 using DLNA.

Great box and packaging designFast connection via WiFiGreat hardware configuration with powerful processorClean Android interfaceOffers the possibility to add extra storage devicesIt is a bit expensiveUsers must acquire a keyboard and a mouse

The Maxone CX-X8 is an interesting device and, even though it is not presented by a big name company, it is a fast and reliable product that brings quality entertainment in anyone’s home. With great internet speed and maximum of portability, this is one of the best TV Box devices on the market!


This CX-X8 Android TV Box feature Allwinner A80 Octa Core processor, and Android 4.4 KitKat OS, equipped with 2GB DDR3, 16GB ROM, 10/100/1000M LAN Port, Dual band 2.4 Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi network.

7Review earns Amazon affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. You can support the site directly via Paypal donations ☕. Thank you!
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