MaxBron B1000-MB

MaxBron B1000-MB
We only want the best for our rig, and  this 1000-watt power supply is the  flagship model of LEPA’s MaxBron lineup.
The MaxBron B1000-MB is both powerefficient and reliable. Under peak loads, the  PSU will deliver up to 88% efficiency, which  meets the 80 PLUS Bronze certification  standards. The MaxBron also supports  Haswell’s C6/C7 sleep state—a key concern  for us as we’re using Intel’s Core i7-4770K.
Another thing we like about the MaxBron  B1000-MB is that it offers plenty of  connectivity options. For instance, LEPA  includes both a +12V 4+4-pin and 8-pin  connector, so we had the freedom to  select a motherboard with extra power for  overclocking. The 23.6-inch CPU power  cables also gave us plenty of room to reach  CPU power headers at the top of our board.

For graphics card support, there are six +12V  PCI-E 6+2-pin connectors. The extra PCI-E  power connectors provide the freedom to  upgrade to a multiple-GPU setup in the  future. To power the other components of  our build, the unit features 12 SATA and six  Molex connectors.
The B1000-MB has a partially modular  cabling system, so we only need to use the  cables necessary for our current components.
The connectors that are hardwired to the unit  are the 20+4-pin main power, the two +12V  CPU connectors, and two +12V PCI-E 6+2-pin connectors. Both the hardwired and  modular cables feature thick mesh sheathing  that will help to prevent cuts and kinks.
That’s especially important for us, as we’ll be  routing the cables through tight spaces in our  case. In terms of rail distribution, there’s a  single +12V rail that can handle a maximum  load of 83A, which equates to 996 watts of power. The +5V and +3.3V rails support up  to 24A for a combined power of 130 watts.
LEPA installs a 135mm hydraulic bearing fan  to cool the power supply.
With the MaxBron B1000-MB, LEPA  provides a silicon jelly skin, called the Anti3s  Q-Brick, which goes around the corners and  sides of the power supply. We elected to leave  the Q-Brick out due to space constraints  in our build, but it does provide a number  of benefits; it can reduce shock during  transportation and diminish static electricity  from the power supply. The MaxBron B1000-MB certainly  delivers enough power for our build, and  we loved having the long CPU power  cables to easily route the wires behind the  motherboard tray. The partially modular  design also made it easier to create a clean  case interior. We expect years of reliable  performance from this power supply.
Rated continuous output: 1000 watts; 12V rails: 1 (83A); Efficiency rating: Up to 88%;
Fan: 135mm; PCI-E: 6 (6+2-pin); Main: 20+4-pin; EPS 12V: 2 (1 4+4-pin and 1 8-pin);
SATA: 12; 4-pin Molex: 6; Floppy: 1; Warranty: 2 years

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