Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Gaining Converts with a Convertible Innovation

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Dolby Atmos  Speakers

Despite its small  size, the Dolby Atmos speakers  are very capable  of pumping out  range and volume  for your streaming  video binge-watching needs.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Slim & Streamlined

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a thing of beauty. It’s incredibly slim at 4mm thick when unfolded and at only 690g, the 2-in-1 ‘convertible’ laptop is certainly svelte. A luxurious magnesium-aluminium alloy shell encases the device with a chrome edged power button and volume rocker. All this is topped off with the same gorgeous watchband-style hinge that’s found on other Yoga laptops. The device overall feels very well built and sturdy despite its sleek styling.


Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Versatile Modes

It’s hard to pinpoint what the Yoga Book really is; it’s not quite a laptop but it’s not just a tablet either.

The hinge opens 360º and allows the Yoga Book to be used in four different modes, you can fold it into a tablet, prop up the display with the keyboard, lay it flat to draw or take down notes and just use it in the classic laptop mode. While a lot of this isn’t ground-breaking, the small size of the Yoga Book makes a lot more sense when utilizing these modes.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Hello Keyboard!

The Halo keyboard looks like it came from the future and replaces the physical keyboard in favor of a completely flat surface which lights up as a keyboard when required.

There’s a learning curve – like typing on a touchscreen – though its haptic feedback will help you ease into using a digital keyboard such as this one. Lenovo spent a lot of time perfecting the feel and accuracy of the Halo keyboard and it’s certainly one of best digital captive keyboards I’ve ever tried.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: 24 HOURS EXPERIENCE


“Ooh, it’s so shiny! The keyboard looks amazing! This feels nice to touch! I kept flipping and folding it every few minutes to get a feel for the device.”

4th HOUR “The keyboard is starting to annoy me and I keep glancing at my full sized cherry keyboard.
To distract myself, I tried writing stuff with the Real Pen.”

Lenovo Yoga Book Review

12th HOUR “The Real Pen has helped me blitz through some work.

Well impressed with productivity tools! I’ve also gotten used to the Halo keyboard thankfully. Battery life is still decent.

23rd HOUR “Productivity has certainly surged with the Yoga Book and I can see the device as part of my everyday carry.”

Real Penmanship

Another reason for the flat keyboard is that it also doubles as a Wacom surface. The Yoga Book comes with Lenovo’s ‘Real Pen’ stylus, which is also a real pen so you can make physical notes or sketches that can captured digitally on screen at the same time via the included Book Pad clipboard. As someone who scribbles his notes in a very haphazard way, this is a good way to archive my notes for later reference.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Multitasking Android As an Android convertible laptop, Lenovo’s Yoga Book is incredibly capable with Lenovo adding on its own software layer, Book UI to give it a more desktop feel. There is multi-window support and a taskbar to switch between applications to make the Yoga Book a capable productivity tablet. There was a bit of compatibility issues when it came to multi-window use but as updates roll in, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Natural Note Taking

The Real Pen stylus allows you to  write or drawn in ink on paper while  simultaneously digitizing it into your  Yoga Book for later reference.

13 Hour  Battery Life

Its 8500mAh  capacity battery  will provide the  Yoga Book with  power for up to 13  hours on a single  charge so power  users will rest easy  knowing the Yoga  Book will power  through the day.

360º Hinge

The watchband-style hinge allows  for 360º movement to easily switch  between modes for your lifestyle needs

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Multitasking Android

As an Android convertible laptop,  Lenovo’s Yoga Book is incredibly  capable with Lenovo adding on  its own software layer, Book UI to  give it a more desktop feel. There is  multi-window support and a taskbar  to switch between applications  to make the Yoga Book a capable  productivity tablet. There was a bit  of compatibility issues when it came  to multi-window use but as updates  roll in, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review VERDICT:

“A powerful tool for productivity and creative junkies on the move in a slim and svelte body.” – Amir

Lenovo Yoga Book Review Specifications

DIMENSIONS (HXWXD):9.6 x 256.6 x 170.8 mm
PROCESSOR:Intel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor(2M Cache, Quad-Core, Up to 2.4 GHz)
CARD SLOT :microSD; Supports Up to 128 GB
OPERATING SYSTEM: Android™ 6.0.1 Marshmallow
DISPLAY:10.1″ FHD IPS(1920 x 1200)
GRAPHICS:Intel HD Graphics 400
CAMERA:Rear: 8 MP Auto-Focus; Front: 2 MP Fixed-Focus
CONNECTIVITY:WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; Dual Channel (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), 2/3/4G, LTE

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