Kingston SSDNOW UV100 Review

An easy to install SSD, with a punchy performance

Kingston, a reputed name in the memory space has added another Sata600 consumer SSD to its existing V series — the UV100.
The 7mm thick drive can fit easily in your ultrabook and is quite cheap. The UV100 is available in 60 and 120GB variants. While 120GB is good enough for a desktop PC, 60GB can be used to store Operating system and program files, giving the computer a speed boost.
Packed in a stylish and neat blister pack, the package contains the SSD drive along with a manual and 2.5mm adhesive adapter. Measuring just 100.3×69.9x7mm and weighing 77.5gm, the matte-finished drive fits easily into the bay.

Kingston SSDNOW UV100

We used a Z68 based motherboard and connected the drive through SATA 6GBPS ports to the desktop. We also selected the AHCI mode while reviewing the drive. We used synthetic benchmarks along with the bulk data transfer to arrive at the read write speeds of the drive.
We recorded a boot time of 8.11 seconds, which is quite good. As per our expectations the drive scored well in all the synthetic benchmarking tests. Simulating real world scenarios, we copied a folder consisting a few subfolders with hundreds of MP3, WMA, JPG, MKV, AVI and PSD files. We also installed a few huge software like Photoshop and MS Office. Overall, the performance was good.
An important consideration while upgrading is the price per GB, the UV100 is quite affordable in this respect.
The build quality is unmatched, and it comes with a 2 year warranty. UV100 does seem to be the complete package.

VERDICT: Decent option
when upgrading your

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