iKBC C104 – Excellent Foundations

Interface: USB

Keyboard Switches: Cherry MX Brown/Blue/Red NKRO: Full

Dimensions: 438.5 x 136 x 41.6 mm Weight: 1.25 kg

iKBC may not have the ability to make full-featured | software, but it sure knows how to deliver the utmost quality in basic user experience

The gaming peripheral market is starting to feel really crowded these days, but when it comes to such products consumers tend to go for the popular brands. What if you’re just interested in getting one that isn’t unnecessarily fancy and is suitable for general use? Try iKBC’s C104 keyboard.

iKBC C104 - Excellent Foundations

‘Unpretentious’ or ‘simple’ are words we’d use to describe the iKBC C104. This keyboard is like the regular joe of the mechanical keyboard gang, with no backlighting to speak off, let alone chromatic colored ones. Inside the box is a card with a list of Fn function key combinations and the warranty information at the back. There’s also an accessory bag with a keycap puller and alternative keycaps for the WASD and arrow keys.

Of course, that’s not to say that plain is bad, far from it. The full-sized iKBC C104 keyboard has a polished, minimalist design, and a plastic body that feels sturdy. It’s also surprisingly heavy, so we pried the top cover open and found a steel plate that contributes to the solid build quality. The iKBC C104 has a firm set of rubber feet that keep it from sliding around and has a pair of feet with two levels of elevation, for those who need to adjust the keyboard’s height.

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The C104 can be adjusted to suit different preference in ergonomics, thanks to the pair two-step feet

iKBC has included a set of colored keycaps that can be used to replace the WASD and arrow keys

However, what this keyboard really lacks is in features. As mentioned earlier, this keyboard has no backlighting, nor does it come with a software. It also doesn’t have a lot of Fn key functions. In fact, it has a grand total of seven Fn key functions and only three of those are multimedia ones for Mute, volume down and volume up. However, it does have n-key rollover, which makes it great for playing games like CS:GO or Overwatch.

While this keyboard lacks in the software department, it makes up for it with features geared towards a better user experience. If you are using the Cherry MX Blue or Brown variant, the tactile feedback is great for typing and the Blue will definitely satisfy those who love that audible click. The ergonomic keycaps are shaped with a curve for more comfortable use and the fact that they are PBT keycaps makes them even better.

The variant we tested is the Cherry MX Brown one and has less of a tactile feedback compared to some other Cherry MX Brown keyboards. But it’s also quieter and has a smooth actuation, which is great for typing.


Great build, lovely keycaps and an enticing price point make this keyboard an excellent choice. It lacks the bells and whistles of fancier keyboards, but the budget conscious would be hard-pressed to find a mechanical keyboard with this kind of value.

7Review earns Amazon affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. You can support the site directly via Paypal donations ☕. Thank you!
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