Google Chrome 33.0.1750
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This beta version enables Google Now notifications on your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook.
Released in early February, the  Google Chrome 33.0.1750  beta introduced Google Now  compatibility for Windows, Mac,  and Chromebook systems. The  Google Now feature in the Google  Chrome beta works in conjunction  with the Google Now capabilities  on your Android or iOS device. In  particular, you’ll be able to see Google  Now cards that present information  found in your Google account, such  as calendar entries, your current  location, and recent Google searches.
It can also display cards based on  information in your Gmail messages,  such as restaurant reservations, packages  in transit, or flight itineraries.
To set up Google Now with the Google  Chrome beta, you’ll need to sign into  Chrome using the same Google account  you use on your Android or iOS device. Google’s blog indicates that Google Now  can do things like suggest that you leave  the office a bit early to beat heavy traffic  on the way to a dinner appointment.
Just some of the other Google Now cards  that you’ll be able see on your desktop include information on  weather, sports scores,  and event reminder cards.
The notification will appear in the bell  icon on the Windows System Tray or  Mac OS X menu bar. You can also turn  off Google Now in the Chrome beta if  you don’t want to see action items in the  Notifications Center.
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