Get the Start menu back in Windows 8

Get all your favourite tools and folders in one place.
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StartlsBack+ fully integrates with Windows 8 and restores the classic Windows Start menu experience. It’s not just any old Start menu, though – it’s enhanced with many new features that are designed to make Windows 8 easier to use.

Get the Start menu back in Windows 8

StartlsBack+will help you disable Hot Corners, show the Taskbar on the Start screen, boot straight to the desktop and more. You won’t have to move your mouse to the screen corners or perform tricky swipe gestures – unless you want to.
Another unique function is Show EverythingatOnce -just hold [Windows] on your keyboard to access Charms and Search, as well as all the apps you’re running. StartlsBack+ is a brilliant tool if you’re having trouble adjusting to Windows 8 or you just miss Windows 7’s familiar features.

Step-by-step: Build your own menu

Configure StartlsBack+ to creat a Start menu that suits the way you use your PC.

Install Chocolatey

Before you get going, you first have to install a program called Chocolatey. On the Start screen, type and and dick the icon that appears to launch the Command Prompt. Now go to qbvEmi and copy the line of code under the heading Command Line. Paste this code into the Command Prompt then tap [Enter].

Get the current installer

You’re ready to download the StartlsBack+ installer package from The current version is StartlsBack+1.0.5, so scroll down the page until you find it then click the link and choose ‘Download: Now you need to go back into the Command Prompt type dnst startisbackplus and hit [Enter].

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Configure StartlsBack+

After installing the program, you won’t be
prompted to restart your PC but you’ll still need to. Press
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete], tap the power icon and select ‘Restart’. Once
your PC has rebooted, you’ll see a message welcoming you to
StartlsBack+. Choose ‘Configure StartlsBack’ to begin tailoring your new
Windows 8 Start menu. 

Start menu options

StartlsBack+ will display its options menu. If
you want to change something later, you can bring up the menu by
right-clicking ‘Start’ and choosing’Properties’. IVe selected the Start
Menu tab, which lets you do things such as highlight recently installed
programs, and decide how many recently opened Items should be shown.

Change appearance

On the Appearance tab, you can make visual alterations to your new Start menu. For instance, you can get the old Windows 7 Start orb back instead of the new white Windows logo. There’s also a link to deviantART, where you can browse and download more Start buttons. You can also choose new visual styles for the whole Start menu.

Set up switching

Under the Switching tab, you can specify what to do when you start your PC and log in, and configure the [Windows] key to perform a certain action if you don’t want it to take you to the Start screen. You can also configure hot comers, so you can perform tasks quickly by moving your mouse pointer to the corner of the screen.

Advanced options

Here, you can make further customisations to your
Start menu. We wouldn’t call them ‘advanced^ but this is the place to
look if you want to dear recently opened programs and set up shared hot
corners [useful if you have more than one monitor). This is also the
place to come if you wish to disable StartlsBack* temporarily on your PC.

Enjoy the Start menu!

You can now have the same style of Start menu you enjoyed for years before upgrading to Windows 8. Click the Windows icon in the bottom left and it will seem just like Windows 7, Vista or even XP. It’s no replacement for the rich interactivity of the new Start menu (which you can, of course, still access), but it’s handy to have both options.

7Review earns Amazon affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. You can support the site directly via Paypal donations ☕. Thank you!
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