Filco Majestouch-2 Ninja Tenkeyless review

Minimal mechanical

Mechanical keyboards contain traditional switches consisting of a plastic stem, mounted on a spring, that slides vertically within a housing unit. As it reaches the bottom of its stroke, it allows metal leaves at the side (not the base) of the switch to make contact and complete a circuit, sending the appropriate character to your PC. Not only do these keyboards feel very different from the ‘tile-style’ flat keys now commonly found on both laptops and desktop PCs, they’re also more satisfying to type on than cheaper traditional-style keyboards that use a rubber dome mechanism, which just squishes a contact together. And although they’re pricey, they should last forever.

The Ninja Tenkeyless is a compact version of Filco’s wired Majestouch-2 Ninja keyboard, omitting the numeric keypad (known to aficionados as the ‘tenkey’ because it represents the numbers 0-9). The key labels are printed on the fronts, not the tops, so they’ll never distract you or wear off. Underneath are industry-standard Cherry MX switches, in this case the brown variety, which gives you a little bump as the key goes down but no audible click. It all makes for comfortable typing without annoying people in the same room. You can also opt for blue switches if you want more click, or red for a smoother action.

‘N-key rollover’ means you can hit any number of keys at once without your PC missing any. This works when connected to the old-style PS/2 port, but if your PC only has USB you’re limited to six keys, which should be plenty. Rubber pads stop the keyboard slipping around on your desk, and fold-out feet let you adjust its angle.


Like a perfectly tailored suit, the Ninja isn’t flash but feels just right. As with the suit, though, you pay through the nose for it

Rating 8/10


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