Can I swap my upload and download speeds?

QI use cloud storage to store my photos and videos. My broadband speeds are around 10Mbits/sec for downloading and 0.8Mbits/sec for uploading. I wonder – are thesespeeds fixed? It is possible to adjust the upload and download speeds as needed, so I can upload quicker when needed? My broadband provider is BT. Kamal Singh
AWe love the idea, but unfortunately, it is not possible. Most broadband subscribers rely on an ADSL connection, which is short for asymmetric digital subscriber line. It is so called because the technology is designed to favour faster download speeds over uploads – the balance is intentionally asymmetric, as this reflects the way most people use their broadband connections.
While the precise balance can be set in any way the internet service provider (ISP) chooses, this is not an option usually offered at the customer level. Some ISPs do offer symmetric (SDSL) lines, where upload and download speeds are equal, but these packages are aimed at business users and priced accordingly.
For consumers, it is far cheaper to upgrade to a cable or fibre-optic connection, While speed ratio still favours downloads, upload speeds can be up to 20Mbits/sec – much faster than you’re getting now.

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