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GERMAN HI-FI SPECIALIST T+A has unveiled its latest compact high-end Series 200, which consists of the MP 200 multi-source player, DAC 200 digital-to-analogue converter/preamp and A 200 output stage.

Reminiscent of its iconic M-systems of the Nineties T+A explains: “The series was developed with the goal of closing the gulf between high-grade specialised separates and a combined system for relaxed listening”.

The digital-to-analogue converter is compatible with music files up to 768kHz PCM and DSD1024 and features amplifier sections utilising Class A and HV technology. T+A says the result is that: “the DAC 200 is the perfect choice for customers using active loudspeakers as well as audiophile converter enthusiasts”.

Using the company’s Modular High-End Architecture, the MP 200 operates as a universal player, delivering DAB radio and streaming, with access to Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz included while Roon is currently undergoing certification. System control comes courtesy of the T+A MusicNavigator app.

For customers with loudspeakers, the system is completed with the A 200 preamp, offering a claimed 250W output per channel, which the company claims is able to exploit its full performance regardless of load, independently of the loudspeakers to which it is connected.

Although the components are capable of performing individually, T+A says the aim of their development was to make them even better when used together in a system and the integral T+A Link System has been fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements of the Series 200: “with the result that every device is as universal as possible, as well as keeping interference signals completely separate from the analogue signal path ensuring that the music remains clear and precise”. The MP 200 costs £, the DAC 200 £ and the A 200 £0.

The A 200 preamp, like the entire Series 200, comes in black and silver

The DAC 200 is compatible with files up to 768kHz PCM and DSD1024

The MP 200 offers streaming, DAB radio and comes with a CD transport

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