Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 85 4K TV

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 85 4K TVWhen it comes to LED TVs, only a few major brands come to mind. One wouldn�t think of a sound system player moving up the rank to fit right in. However, Bang & Olufsen (B&O) believes otherwise as it has moved into the display panel business to show all-comers how it is properly done. In this case, B&O focused on the chassis design, the viability of its advance features, and the enhanced user control aspects that the smart app used within offers. Enter the B&O BeoVision Avant 85 4K TV.
For an 85in panel, you�d think two would be adequate to put everything together. While I did not have the pleasure of assembling the entire thing, the General Manager of B&O Malaysia, Danny Chong, shared how it took three to four of his guys to setup the Avant 85 in the showroom for the launch. While it only took 30 minutes to set it up, the very idea of needing four men to build the whole thing is a little incredulous.
It can be said that there are not many in the market that can put out an impressive display performance when it comes to larger-than-usual panels. Most times, such screens would be dim on parts of the panel � due to an under-performing local dimming system, or using a contrast balance that can only do so much on a big screen. Obviously, the Avant 85 manages to address these issues as the 85in 4K panel punched out some great balances in the hues, colours, and bright levels. There is only one minor problem that I had encountered throughout my review: the whites being a little washed-out. I suspect this is due to full LED backlight the panel uses as those are known to soften rich colours when it�s not configured properly. However, the 4K visuals more than make up for the slight over-saturation.
In terms of design, the Avant 85 is truly in a class of its own. While there had been over-sized screens in the market already, the proposition B&O has in mind is very much its own take on the idea. Instead of just being an oversized display panel that produce enriched visuals, this B&O entry puts together a comprehensive control system to fully complement the visual processing and elegant design the TV uses. Simply put, once the TV is up and running, there is no need for manual physical adjustments or tweaking as the primary remote can be used to turn the entire panel to a certain angle or be nudged over to fit nicely with the wall panelling at the back. This is all managed via the intricate motorised actuator that is embedded within the panel and stand. Not keen on a floor-stand? B&O also has a solution for that � a pivot stand that allows the big panel to be mounted onto a wall (side-mounted dock pivot). There is a table pivot too but that is confined to just the 55in model. Both also use the same mechanical motor that is present in the stand.
Beyond providing easier controls, the motorised actuator provides a special element that is distinctive to the Avant 85. When not in active use, the TV will automatically flip over by 180-degrees in a slow yet classy manner. The movement is accentuated further when the stand rotates as well. This is a literal sign that the panel has shut down for the day. While the entire idea is definitely one-of-a-kind, there is one issue that users have to contend with � needing enough room in the rear to allow for the panel to rotate into that position. This means having precise measurements from the wall to ensure no unwanted accidents occur.
Exquisite design paired with exceptional 4K video processing definitely makes for a good TV display panel. That would be adequate for any brand, truly. However, this is a B&O product and, thus, it would be a dis-service to the brand if it does not include a high performance speaker system on the panel. Hence why B&O included a highly sophisticated sound stage on the Avant 85. How sophisticated you ask? For starters, the sound bar slides down and opens up in the same elegant manner when the TV is turned on. Such a classy move immediately speaks of the build quality of the accompanying audio equipment used. Of course, within the smart looking grill are a pair of 2in side mid-range speakers, two 3/4in side tweeters, and a central speaker unit that comprises a 4in bass, and an audio pair that consist of a 3/4in tweeter and 2in centre mid-ranger. Complementing all that is an embedded 6.5in subwoofer that is located at the back of the TV. This 3.1 offering definitely delivered the goods as it managed to encompass the entire sound room that the Avant 85 had been placed in, delivering every aural nuance the video content had to offer.
B&O is known for offering its great audio products and advance yet contemporary design. These characteristics are shown and reinforced on the Avant 85 through the awesome features and functions it offers. If anything, this 4K panel shows how a great display can be fully complemented with an innovative form factor and powerful sound delivery. This TV certainly proves itself of the B&O name.
The true definition of a super highend 4K display.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 199.2 x 120.1 x 12.7 (without stand) 199.2 x 160.6 x 69.0 (floor stand)Materials Anodised AluminiumDisplay 16:9 TFT LCD with Direct-Type LED and 2D Local Backlight Dimming with Anti-GlareResolution Ultra HD with 3D FunctionRefresh Rate 100Hz/120HzLuminance 450cd/m2Contrast Ratio 5000:1Picture Optimisation VisionClear TechnologySound 3.1 Channel Surround with 8 AmpsPorts 3x RJ45 Sockets for IR Controls, 1x Mini-AV, 2x USB, 1x Ethernet RJ45 10/100, 6x HDMI, 1x SPDIF, 5x RJ45 Power Link for Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Speakers

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