ASUS TransformerT100T Review

Inexpensive hybrid Windows tablet

ASUS Transformer series consists of several hybrid Widnows RT devices across price ranges. The T100T is the cheapest among them, and it would be difficult to find another device with a similar configuration at this price. The first thing you notice about T100T is thatit is very thin and light. Weighing 523g without keyboard and 1108g with it, T100T is easy to carry around.

ASUS TransformerT100T

The tablet is encased in a hard black shiny case, it looks nice and is rugged. Despite the shiny plastic, the device has a firm grip and is comfortable to hold. The device features a hinge latch to connect the tablet with the keyboard. You all need to line them up and a mild push locks in them together.
The keys are nicely crafted and easy to type, though you need some time to get used to the keyboard. ASUS has not used their VIVOBook styled island keyboard here, otherwise anyone can easily pass off the T100T as an ultrabook. During our review the touchpad was responsive and accurate. The keyboard was comfortable to use, even when typing for long periods of time.
The ASUS Transformer T100T packs a quad core Intel Atom Z3740 “Bay Trail” processor with a clock speed of 1.86GHz and 2GB of RAM. The device runs Windows 8.1 operating system. During the review T100T was responsive throughout, scrolling is quick, no frame drops while playing videos. We opened 7 tabs together in google chrome and found no lag. Running the device through out the day, it was eleven and half hours before we had to reach for the charger, impressive.
We feel this low priced device can prove to be a game changer, easily becoming a tablet or a high end netbook on demand. The quality performance, decent looks, great battery life will definitely appeal to a cross section of users.

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