Ashampoo HDD Control 2

Installation details Go to My Computer.
Right-click the disc  icon and open the  disc. Select Files 226 Ashampoo HDD Control  2 and open the file Online registration  required:follow the  links during installation  before 14 May 2014.
System requirements Windows XP/Vista/7/8;  2GB RAM; 512MB storag System requirements Windows XP/Vista/7/8;  2GB RAM; 512MB storage.
The hard drive is one of the most  important components of your  computer. Even if it works flawlessly,  it should still be regularly checked  and maintained. This way an  imminent hard drive failure can be  detected early and might even be  prevented. If suddenly major  problems occur or if your hard drive  completely fails, data loss might be  the result.
Ashampoo HDD Control 2
Ashampoo HDD Control 2 can  notify you early, so that your  valuable data won’t become the  victim of a hardware crash. The  SMART self-test or adjust the noise  level and power management of  your hard drive(s) (if supported).
Furthermore, you can restore  accidentally deleted fi les and folders  with Ashampoo HDD Control 2. Get  to know the all-rounder for  monitoring, maintenance and  defragmentation, and check the  health status and performance of  your hard drive(s) today.
Key features • Constant monitoring of your  hard drive(s) • Extended user interface with  extensive hints and information  on the health, performance and  temperature of hard drive(s) • Signifi cantly extended support for  USB hard drives and SSDs • Support of SMART self-test  • Adjustment of the noise level and  power management of your hard  drive(s) (if supported) • Data recovery • Fully automatic proactive  defragmentation of the hard drive(s) • Online retrieval of achieved  benchmark results of your  hard drive model(s

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