AMD FirePro W9100

Transforming The Workstation.
The use of GPUs to perform high- end compute workloads has ex- ploded in recent years. Their parallel nature and access to large amounts of fast memory make them well-suited to compute-intensive engineering operations such as 3D design, sim- ulation, and visualization, as well as content creation tasks like capturing high-definition media, rendering objects in 3D, adding visual effects, and encoding video. And now, with 4K video becoming an integral part of professional workflows, the need for serious GPU compute power is greater than ever. The AMD FirePro W9100 fills that need through cutting-edge design, massive compute horsepower, and OpenCL 2.0 support.

AMD FirePro W9100

 Engineered For Greatness Since its inception, AMD’s GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture has proven especially adept where compute applications are concerned. As such, it was a natural fit when the company first built GCN-based graphics processors into its professional graphics product line in 2012, with the introduction of its W8000 and W9000 FirePro cards. The GCN architecture is simpler to work with than prior graphics tools from assembly to debug, ensuring that more compute cycles translate directly to performance. Add to this the inclusion of AMD’s Mantle API, which among other things provides more efficient communication between the GPU and CPU, and the bottom line is more effective multitasking and less time spent waiting for compute tasks to complete.
Compute Muscle If its GCN architecture and Mantle API make FirePro W9100 a multi-Ph.D. genius, its raw computing power makes it a world-class bodybuilder, as well.
FirePro W9100 is the first workstation graphics card to boast a staggering 16GB of on-board GDDR5 memory, and it provides bandwidth greater than 300GBps. As a result, FirePro W9100 is capable of producing well over 2 TFLOPS of double-precision GPU compute performance, and more than 5 TFLOPS of single-precision GPU compute performance.
Each FirePro W9100 is capable of driving as many as six 4K displays, and AMD made sure that the card’s performance scales well in implementations of up to four cards.
AMD FirePro W9100
Looking for a workstation card that will let you blow through 4K video production and color correction? Check. Need to design and run complex simulations simultaneously? FirePro W9100 is ready to go. And It Plays Nice All the compute power in the world is useless if you can’t quickly and efficiently apply it to the task at hand. Years ago when GPU computing first began to emerge, the challenge was to find the specific applications that were optimized to work with your workstation’s GPU(s). OpenCL changed all of that by providing an open, readily accessible set of tools that developers could use to make their applications work across a variety of platforms, including traditional CPUs, GPUs, and more. OpenCL has garnered extensive support among leading software developers including Autodesk, Adobe, The Foundry, MAXON, and many others, which means that the FirePro W9100 enjoys seamless compatibility with the world’s most powerful professional-grade software tools.
Transformed Whether you rely on your work- station to power through CAD/CAE/ CAM, digital video production, 4K color correction, 3D rendering and visualization, or any one of numerous other compute-intensive tasks, the AMD FirePro W9100 can make you more productive by dramatically reducing the time it takes your system to complete those tasks

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