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Ed Selley happily makes space for one more pair of Bluetooth headphones…

GIVEN THAT EVERY headphone company going has been releasing Bluetooth headphones like mad, you might think we don’t really need any more new arrivals. Shenzhen-based 1More feels a little differently – the company has launched a range of in-ear and over-ear models and the MK802 combines the latter design with active operation and aptX-capable Bluetooth.

While they look a bit bling in their red or blue finish options (what’s wrong with black, eh?), the technology of the 1More is a little more grown-up. The 40mm ‘aerospace-graded’ Beryllium-

Don’t like blue? There’s a red option, too

coated drivers use a triple-layer construction, and there is a smartphone app (1More Music) for controlling the headphones that has a process to help burn-in.

Build quality isn’t stellar, but they easily feel worthy. On-body controls are logical and well placed and connected wirelessly, the range is good and the connection stable.

As a final welcome bonus, they’re comfortable to wear for long periods. They sound good, too. Used in passive mode, the MK802s manage to avoid coming across as flat or muffled, and handle the Fallujah chase sequence in War Dogs effectively. For a closed-back design, there is plenty of space and three-dimensionality to the soundstage, with dialogue well-separated from the rest of the action onscreen.

Switch to Bluetooth and things get even better. The in-built amplification is well judged and powerful and there’s no shortage of headroom. Tonal balance is very even and the bass response manages to be gutsy without being overblown. There’s even reasonably good fine volume adjustment.

These cans might not come from one of the more obvious brands but the MK802s are a cracking performer at a bargain price. Possibly too good to ignore


9 Total Score
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